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[Webinar Replay] Christmas 2020: Planning a Tradition During an Untraditional Year


It's no secret that this year has had its ups and downs. It's felt like we've had to learn new things and make adjustments every single week. And for many of us, we've been pushed into reactionary mode as we navigate such a crazy year.

So when you see this webinar about Christmas you may be thinking, Seriously? You want to talk about Christmas already?

But here's the truth: Christmas is less than 2 months away. And if there's ever been a year where planning for Christmas is crucial, it would absolutely be this one.


Did you miss the live version of this webinar? Don't worry! We've got the replay for you.

For me personally, here were some takeaways from the webinar:

  • Don't be afraid to take risks this year. Work with your team to get creative and dream about something new.
  • People are longing for something normal.
  • Whether it's digital or in-person, developing an experience is a better way to think about Christmas than developing a service.
  • Be sure to talk to the right audience in your development of Christmas content this year. How are you positioning this to be something people need to participate in?

As we highlighted at the end, there are also two things we'd like to invite you to:

  • The Stalled National Conference -- In ministry, we often focus on what we do (how we can grow our church, how we can plan Christmas, etc.). But it's not often that we take a step back and focus on who we are. We'd love to see each of you at this conference. (And don't forget, if finances are the only thing standing in the way of you attending, just reply to this email.)

  • Grab a 100% free coaching call with Chad. We just launched leadership coaching through 95Network. If you want to dig deeper into anything in this webinar or something in our typical coaching track, you can grab an initial coaching call with Chad at no cost. No contracts or anything. Just fill out the form here.

And of course, here's that webinar replay:

Austin Savage

Austin is the Managing Director here at 95Network. From Normal, IL, Austin gets that ministry can sometimes feel anything but “normal.” He grew up leading in the small church his dad pastored, and has since served on the launch teams for two church plants. He holds a Communications degree from Moody Bible Institute and is passionate about seeing churches grow healthier and make a difference in their communities. Austin and his wife, Larisa, reside near Peoria, IL.