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Small Church Stories, Vol. 1: City Church, Press Church, & Smithfield Christian Church

11 December, 2019

Over the last couple years, we've had some incredible opportunities to support churches all across the country. As we close out another year, we thought it would be great to share a collection of stories from church leaders we've been able to support in a variety of ways. 

We've been sharing these stories over on Facebook and Twitter, but we wanted to share them as a series here on our blog as well.

Our team has been blown away by the doors that God has opened to support His Church and encourage leaders. But the reality is that we can't walk this journey alone.

If you're captured by any of these stories, we would be honored if you would stand with us as we approach this new year. Even if it's a small amount each month, our ministry is completely funded by individuals and churches who believe in this mission to support the 95% of churches under 500 in average attendance.

How City Church Pursued Health & Discovered Clarity --


"It was the first time I could say to someone, 'We don't have a big, glaring need right now because of how healthy the church is...'"

Meet Michael Moore, who is the Lead Pastor at City Church in Albany, NY. Their church was actually the first church we ever sponsored through our Healthy Steps Grant Initiative. And since then, they've partnered with us to host a one-day event for local pastors and joined Dale in the Dominican Republic last month.

So we wanted to share Michael's story as the first in our series of stories this month. We've loved seeing the progress they've made over the past couple years and the journey God has led them on.

How Smithfield Christian Church Found Support in a Season of Transition --


"I would call us a church in transition, changing over from a lot of typical ways, older ways, of doing things, and hopefully seeing how God is leading in some new ways..."

Meet Joe Thompson, Lead Pastor of Smithfield Christian Church in Smithfield, VA. We had the opportunity to get connected to their church a little over a year ago and have since been able to partner with their ministry through 95Network Membership. (Loved hearing Joe's story of why he joined in the first place!)

Joe is an incredible leader and it's been awesome to see their church implement some of the things we talk about to build a structure for growth. Most recently, they implemented their first 5-year vision with defined metrics to keep them on track in reaching their community.

How Jason Allison Rediscovered Passion & Purpose in Ministry --


"I am a different person from when Dale and I first started talking because I have a vision for what God is doing, I sense where God is moving, and I feel like I have some tools in my toolbox to make things go..."

Meet Jason Allison, Pastor at Press Church Outreach Center. We've been connected to Jason in a variety of ways since he received a grant fund for leadership coaching a couple years ago. He has since hosted our very first one-day event, brought us out for a conference through the Converge Network, and currently serves on our core team within 95Network Membership.

He has an incredible story of rediscovering his purpose in ministry and identifying a fresh vision for his life and ministry. It's been so powerful to see his journey these past couple of years.

When you bring positive change to a church, you change a community.

Our team is so encouraged by what God has allowed us to do these past couple years. But we simply can't do it alone.

If you're captured by any of these stories or this mission to resource churches, we would be honored if you would stand with us financially. Whether it's $10, $25, or $95 each month, we are only able to resource churches through the generosity of others.

You can make a difference for years to come. Will you stand with us?


Austin Savage

Austin is the Managing Director here at 95Network. From Normal, IL, Austin gets that ministry can sometimes feel anything but “normal.” He grew up leading in the small church his dad pastored, and has since served on the launch teams for two church plants. He holds a Communications degree from Moody Bible Institute and is passionate about seeing churches grow healthier and make a difference in their communities. Austin and his wife, Larisa, reside near Peoria, IL.