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Growth doesn't happen in isolation.

That’s why we offer specialized coaching for pastors in small and mid-size churches.

Our certified 95Network Coaches are unique. They are not the consultant with all the right answers; rather, they ask the right questions and share best practices to help move the needle of growth and impact. Here’s what each coach brings to the table:

  1. Every coach serves and leads in a local church. In other words, they are on the frontlines of ministry every day. They practice what they preach.

  2. Our coaches are trained and certified through our 95Network Strategic Small Church Course. We have unique tools to help pastors discover lead through change and create vision buy-in.

  3. Our coaches are serving or have served as a lead pastor in a small church. Our coaches have experience of leading small churches to growth and impact.

  4. Our coaches legitimately care about the pastor and the church. It's the heart behind everything we do. For real.


Act fast, because if you get started today, you can get your first coaching call 100% FREE!


Here’s how 95Network Coaching helps churches get healthy:


1. DISCOVER THE PULSE. Determining health begins by feeling the pulse of the church. What’s the current rhythm of ministry? What needs optimized? What needs help?

2. CUSTOMIZED COACHING PATHWAY. Coaching takes place once per month via one-hour video calls. Because every church is unique, each coaching experience is unique. Coaching has two parts; the sprint and the marathon. The sprint happens first. Your coach will help you discover low hanging fruit that will help move the needle the quickest. The marathon are the things that require more time (leadership development, discipleship path, etc.).

3. TIMELY PRACTICAL RESOURCES. You will receive resources and planning tools throughout your coaching relationship to supplement the content of your coaching conversations. One of our objectives is to equip you to lead your team to the next level.

4. PRIORITY ACCESS. When the unexpected happens and you need advice or additional counsel, pastors in our monthly coaching have priority access to schedule additional time with their coaches to process or work through solutions to a current issue.

5. NO CONTRACT. There is no contract involved. You can start and stop anytime you like.

Claim Your Free Coaching Call:

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