All leaders eventually discover the great benefit that comes by bringing in “outside eyes.”

Sometimes we find that the issues holding us back in ministry are obvious to others while they remain oblivious to us. Our consultants help you evaluate your blind spots and address problem areas in your day-to-day operations. Especially now as we navigate the impact of the global pandemic.

“Every church moved forward by 7 years in a period of 7 weeks! The way your specific ministry operated before the shutdown was accelerated by the shutdown.”  – Dale Sellers

Effective planning today guides our effectiveness tomorrow.

You Have the Vision, We Provide the Clarity

Our overall goal for Consulting at 95Network is to help your ministry gain clarity in your mission and vision so that one day you can pass a healthy and vibrant ministry to the next generation.

From our very own VisionDay to our partner relationships with the folks like Unstuck Group and Malphurs Group, we are committed to helping you develop deeper, strategic planning processes that provide a structured path for church growth.

We’ve found that taking the time to honestly evaluate your progress in fulfilling the mission and vision of your ministry helps you move closer towards accomplishing your plan instead of just staying busy. It’s paramount that you bring in a non-biased facilitator in order to keep you from slipping into being an “insider focused” ministry. This quote by Micheal Moore really sums it up:

If you want to know what water tastes like then don’t ask a fish!” – Michael Moore

I thought Dale Sellers was excellent. I didn’t know there were people (consultants) that specialized in small town churches. These are exciting times that we’re living in. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through all of us. What a fantastic day!  Thank you for bringing us all together and helping us to vision the future. God is on the move…

VisionDay Attender - Trinity Church


Has your ministry stalled out? Maybe you need a friend to help you gain clarity but are not sure where to start?

Consider VisionDay.

Clarify your vision. Create a plan. Take one day to ensure a stronger future for your ministry.

Every church needs a vision for the future. You need to know where you’re headed and what the plan is for getting there. In small and midsize churches, however, the everyday responsibilities of ministry can easily distract from important tasks like vision-casting, planning, and even leading.

Our VisionDay event is a deep dive into the mission and health of your church with a 95Network coach committed to your success and ready for a lifetime partnership. Even after the VisionDay event ends, your team and your coach keep in contact and stay accountable to your plan, giving you the structure and focus you need to keep your vision at the forefront of your ministry.

Need A Coach To Help Your Team See The Process Through?

95Network Is Excited To Announce We’ve Added A New VisionDay Implementation/Follow-Through Coaching Process.


In order to provide support and training, 95Network Team Member Greg Moore has created Moore Momentum Coaching!


M2 will work with you and your leadership to:
– Coach teams to execute and accomplish your Vision Day plan.
– Implement efficient and productive meetings that are the backbone to moving your vision forward.
– Ensure you have the right people on your team to achieve your vision.
– Develop the “next steps” to accomplish your vision.
– Implement an accountability system to ensure you achieve your Vision Day plans.
– Measure the results of your plan and ensure you are meeting your goals.
– Provide templates to run efficient and productive meetings, develop next steps, and measure results.
– Help you make any changes necessary to continue to move your vision forward.

M2 provides a road map to help you get where you want to go.
Our goal is come alongside you for one year. At the end of one year, we believe you will be ready to continue implementing your vision on your own. After one year, we are available to help you implement the “best practices” needed to continue to move your organization forward into the future. See our other services for how we can continue to help you moving forward.

M2 Coaching offers a free download, VisionDay Follow-Up Meeting Templates, to help leaders structure their post-Vision Day meetings (or ANY other meetings) more effectively. Sign up today to receive this FREE RESOURCE.

Why VisionDay?

VisionDay is not just an event. The heart behind it is to connect your church with someone who cares deeply about your ministry. Here are 5 reasons VisionDay is valuable:

  • Gain perspective. During VisionDay, you’ll have the opportunity to gain perspective on each aspect of your ministry. Where are you at now? How did you get there?
  • Develop a strategic plan. Why do you exist at this time in your town? VisionDay will guide you through the process of understanding who you are and where you’re headed.
  • Participate in the process. VisionDay is unique because our team will facilitate a conversation among your team without “consulting” about everything you should do.
  • Build a connection. The goal of VisionDay is to form a life-long partnership between your church and your certified coach.
  • Remain accountable. Once the plan is in place, a process of accountability will be put in place to follow-up and celebrate the small successes that come in the days ahead.
Signs a Church Could Benefit From VisionDay
  • You tend to be insider-focused in the majority of your ministries.
  • You are more content to talk about what God did in the past than to be excited about the potential of what God is doing in the church today.
  • The congregation has a strong opposition to change. They may often use the phrase, “We have always done it this way!”
  • The quality of your website and social media presence is either poor or non-existent.
  • The church doesn’t have a vibrant and intentional focus of reaching children through a well-designed children’s ministry.
  • The culture of the people who live within a few miles of the church has changed, but the church hasn’t made a shift in ministry focus to connect with them.
  • Your leadership team has never been through any form of strategic planning.

Pastor Mark Pritchard shares the positive results of going through the strategic planning process. Be sure to check out his podcast entitled: “The Value of a VisionDay w/Mark Pritchard – Episode 149.”

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I often say “you don’t know what you don’t know” and what’s worse, “you don’t even know you don’t know it!”.  So not knowing what we didn’t know, we invited Jason Allison to meet with some of the leadership of Virginia Hills Church for a VisionDay; a time of reflection, assessment and planning.  We were encouraged and challenged, and to be honest, surprised by what we discovered about ourselves.  And that discovery has given us a clear and definite path forward, so we can make the most of what God is already doing. 

Pastor Eric Reploeg – Virginia Hills Church – Front Royal, VA

VisionDay has helped us clarify our overall vision and helped us develop steps to relaunch our Sunday expression. Our leaders have said on multiple occasions that “VisionDay was and is a game changer for our church.” As the Lead Pastor of Landmark Church, I can’t over emphasize the encouragement that I’ve gotten from Jason. Any church that’s looking to reignite their services, vision, structure, and systems would be delighted in the results that come out of a VisionDay experience.

Pastor Elwood Jones – Landmark Church of Alexandria – Alexandria, VA