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Affordable strategic planning for the small to mid-sized church.

You don't need a big budget to plan for the future.

There are a lot of resources available for churches. There are conferences, pastors’ groups, professional consultants, and the list goes on... It can often be overwhelming.

But what if you had a place to start?

What if you had a simple and affordable way to invest in the long-term health of your church alongside your ministry team?

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Introducing VisionBox:

A simple, team-based resource delivered right to your door, and designed to help you clarify 5 key areas of your ministry by...

  • Providing practical teaching. Each video module is focused on actions your church can take. 
  • Promoting focused discussion. This is a team-based resource intended to guide focused conversation.
  • Pushing you forward. VisionBox will push your ministry team to strategically plan for the future.


"So incredibly thankful for this resource. It really does help start the important and sometimes difficult conversations." - Cody Farris, Monticello Christian Church

Order VisionBox for your team and take a step towards clarity:



What's inside?

  • 5 Practical Video Modules. Take your team through 5 lessons to promote growth and guide discussion. 

  • Simple Leader Guide. We've made it as easy as possible for you to get started and succeed.

  • Team Handout. We provide handouts to guide learning and keep your team engaged in each module.

  • Free Year of 95Network Membership. With VisionBox, you will get a free year of membership to keep the learning going. 


Find answers to your questions about VisionBox here. For anything not listed, please contact our team. We're here to help!

How does it work?

VisionBox is a 5-module video course designed to help you facilitate discussion within your ministry team and plan for the future. Each module contains a 20-minute video teaching from our team that leads into 3-4 points of discussion.

There are a couple ways to move through this resource:

We recommend meeting on 5 separate occasions, working through a single module at a time, in order to dive deep into one topic and implement what you learn. However, you can also treat it like a large strategic planning session,  setting aside one day and dedicating it to going through all 5 modules of VisionBox.

Neither of those options are wrong. And whatever you decide, the discussions that take place will be so helpful in creating clarity for the future of your ministry.

How much does VisionBox cost?

VisionBox costs $195 and includes all shipping costs. 

The material covered throughout the modules are foundational for a church that is healthy, both deep and wide. It can cost thousands of dollars to attend conferences or bring in consultants, so VisionBox is a perfect foundation to plan for the future and define your next steps as a church. 

With your purchase, you'll also receive a free year of 95Network Membership, our resource hub, which is a $95 value on its own. Pretty awesome!

(If you are already a 95Network member, you only need to pay $95 for VisionBox by using the code provided inside the membership hub.)

What topics are covered in VisionBox?

VisionBox will help you clarify the 5 core growth engines we’ve identified, through research, that healthy churches address. Each module is designed to promote discussion around the topic to ensure unity and clarity for your team moving forward. 

These practical modules will cover the following topics:

  • Developing and Utilizing a Clear Mission and Vision
  • Creating a Biblical Culture of Leadership Development
  • How to Define a Discipleship Path in Your Church
  • Clarifying Effective Internal and External Communications
  • How to Foster a Strong Volunteer Culture
What's included in VisionBox?

We've made VisionBox as simple as possible to ensure that this resource will be effective for your team. Inside VisionBox, you'll find:

  • Physical and digital access to the 5 video modules of VisionBox (you'll receive a link/password to the videos online and a DVD copy).
  • A simple leader guide to help you utilize the resource and effectively guide meaningful discussion with your ministry team.
  • Instructions to access and print handouts for your team to guide learning and keep everyone engaged. 
  • A personalized code to sign-up for a free year of 95Network Membership, our extensive resource hub designed for small and mid-size churches.
If this is team-based, who should be involved?

This resource is designed for you to work through alongside your ministry team, even if you're in a very small church. 

Most importantly, all leadership must be there, including any board members, elders, and pastors. This is crucial for clarity and buy-in to be solid throughout the leadership of your church coming out of these discussions. From there, you are welcome to invite core volunteers or staff members. We recommend a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 people.

Simply put, you shouldn’t say, “If only ______ had been here” after working through a session. 

Is VisionBox designed for a specific size of church?

At 95Network, we exist to resource the 95% of churches that are under around 500 in average attendance. As such, VisionBox is designed specifically to relate and apply to the pastor in a small or mid-size church setting.

While the content and topics covered apply to every church, we've specifically created VisionBox with the small and mid-size church leader in mind.



Order VisionBox for your team and take a step towards clarity: