One Easy Way to Grow as a Leader (Without Breaking the Bank)

One Easy Way to Grow as a Leader (Without Breaking the Bank)

The health of a leader directly impacts the health of a church.

We say that a lot around here, and I hope you agree. Great leaders cast clear vision for a ministry. They lead the hard changes to become more effective in reaching people for Jesus. And they invest in the lives of those they lead.

But, let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to consistently grow as a leader.

I’m sure a few ideas popped in your head. I mean, there’s great conferences, incredible books, power-packed resources, meaningful relationships, and the list goes on…

But if you’re like me, the amount of options can often be more overwhelming than anything.

Where should I start? How do I make enough time in my schedule? And, quite frankly, how is my church supposed to afford this?

These issues are why we recently launched something new called 95Network membership, a resource developed specifically for leaders of small and mid-size churches. Every month, we’ll bring you new content that will challenge you, encourage you, and help you lead your church well. Check out this short video to learn how it works:

We’re really excited about this new resource, and we hope you will consider joining our network


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