Healing Broken Trust In Marriage (w/ Mark & Jill Savage) – Episode 168

Healing Broken Trust In Marriage (w/ Mark & Jill Savage) – Episode 168

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward” (Vernon Law).

Mark and Jill Savage can relate to this quote first-hand. They speak openly about how their marriage was built on a foundation of sand that eventually eroded as the pressure of ministry finally took its toll on Mark.

Today’s podcast is a powerful and transparent conversation with Mark and Jill on how finally arriving at a place of total surrender brought complete healing and restoration. Every ministry couple needs to pull up a chair and listen to the wisdom of the Savage’s shared in this special Valentine’s podcast.


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Key Takeaways

1) We come into our marriages with baggage accumulated throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, getting married doesn’t dissolve our baggage in most cases. In fact, it just increases it to create room for our spouse.

2) Rebuilding broken trust doesn’t happen simply because you’re in ministry. Unfortunately, ministry can often be a contributor to broken trust.

3) The main way to get the necessary help you need when you’ve messed up is to come clean and be willing to get outside help.

4) God can take the most difficult situations and consequences of a broken marriage and use them to bring tremendous strength and healing if we are willing to go through the thorough accountability process.


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