Influence, Attendance, and… Woodstock? (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 5

Influence, Attendance, and… Woodstock? (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 5


There’s been a lot of talk in church leadership surrounding the ideas of influence, engagement, attendance, and more. So how should we actually measure success in our church? (Or should we at all?)

Join us for this conversation with Karl Vaters, a widely-respected voice for pastors in smaller churches. If you already follow Karl, you know his passion for the Church is unmistakable and the practicality of his ideas is refreshing.

And our absolutely favorite quote from the conversation is this: “If you minister to seniors, remember these four words: Grandma went to Woodstock.” — It may sound crazy at first, but take a listen to uncover why those four words truly are important.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Your church is big enough. “There is nothing you need to add to your church to do right now what Jesus is calling you to do right now.” We should never become complacent, but there is no command given in the New Testament that can’t be fulfilled by a small group of people.
  2. We have to address how generations are changing. So often we talk about how younger generations are changing. But the reality is that there’s a shift happening across the board. If we are willing to let go of how we’ve minister to each age group in the past, we will see a burst of life come into our congregations.
  3. Creating a process for change makes change easier. Many congregations aren’t against change, but they push back when it’s not communicated well. Creating a process that you always work makes change part of your ministry culture, rather than a threat to your ministry culture.

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