A Passion to Preach (w/ Mike Kjergaard) | Real Church Stories | Ep. 1

A Passion to Preach (w/ Mike Kjergaard) | Real Church Stories | Ep. 1

I am so excited to FINALLY be launching The Real Church Stories Podcast today! This has been a dream in my heart for a little while now, and I’m grateful to be sharing it today.

In this very first episode of Real Church Stories, I spend some time talking with my friend and ministry mentor, Mike Kjergaard, the Lead Minister of Christ’s Hope Church in Fort Wayne, IN.

Mike talks about the different people that have influenced his ministry career along with the opportunities he’s been able to be a part of guiding others into ministry. He also shares some of the challenges and joys that he’s experienced in his 33 years of ministry.

Take a listen, let me know your thoughts, and I look forward to continuing to share stories of pastors every other week!

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Some Key Takeaways:

1) There is such value in investing in the next generation of ministry. Mike shared how ministers gave him the opportunity, even as a teenager, to preach or lead and he also shared how he was able to do the same for a group of teenagers in a church he led.

2) For those who feel like their biblical knowledge just isn’t as strong as someone else’s, stick with it. The more we dig into God’s Word in a variety of ways, the more that Scripture will naturally flow in our hearts and minds.

3) Those who are in smaller churches need to remember that’s where God has called and placed you. As Mike says, there’s a place for every size church in the Kingdom of God, so don’t doubt your value or your service to the Lord because of the size of your church.

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Who’s Up Next?

Michael Lomax

In a couple weeks, I’ll be sharing my next conversation with Michael Lomax, Lead Pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. Michael is a bivocational pastor who also works in the financial world. It was a great conversation with some great challenges and I’m excited to share it soon!


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