This will only take a minute…

This will only take a minute…

Let’s be honest for a second: Navigating COVID-19 has been exhausting. Plain and simple.

So many of us have stepped up to the plate and shifted our methods like never before. As Carey Nieuwhof recently shared, many churches have implemented more changes in the last 2 months than they have in the last 2 years. Whew!

So here’s the reality: A lot of us have a feeling rising up in us, and it feels something like fatigue. Maybe even the start of burnout. Or for others of us, perhaps a disconnection from our calling.

All that to say, we could use a breath. We could use space.

So this week on the blog, we’re not sharing any tips, ideas, challenges, or anything else like that. We’re simply giving you space, just one minute, to breathe and listen for your God.

“Jesus, speak to me…”

You see a timer below and it’s set for a minute. When you’re ready, take a deep breath, silence your phone, turn everything else off, close your eyes, and just say, “Jesus, speak to me…” For a minute, do nothing other than listen, reconnect, and slow down.

We pray this minute is a blessing to you today!

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