Dillon Smith on Digital Effectiveness, Building Trust with Gen Z, and Working for Carey Nieuwhof – Episode 57

Dillon Smith on Digital Effectiveness, Building Trust with Gen Z, and Working for Carey Nieuwhof – Episode 57


Dillon Smith is the Content Director for Carey Nieuwhof and is an intuitive, wise, and strategic Gen Z leader. Today he shares about what the keys will be for the Church’s future digital effectiveness, how he’s navigated representing Christ to a generation that’s marked by disappointments in the Church, and what he’s learned working alongside Carey Nieuwhof.

This is a great one, and I hope you’ll find some key things for you to consider in your own ministry!

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Key Takeaways:

1) The effectiveness for the Church’s digital presence moving forward will be founded on helpful, engaging content outside Sunday. Dillon echoed a lot of what we’ve been seeing about what’s going to be required (not suggested) for churches to truly engage people digitally.

2) “When I’m talking about Jesus to someone my age who isn’t a Christian, I usually have to lead with an apology.” Dillon’s perspective is powerful on how widespread the hurt people have experienced from churches is. He shares openly about how he’s had to navigate those conversations and really focus on modeling who Jesus truly is.

3) Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves in the wrong areas and don’t expect enough of ourselves in the right areas. Dillon shares a lot about how much more excellence and structure was expected of him in his career with Carey than had ever been expected of him throughout his life. This pushed him to another level of effectiveness.

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