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Churches in America are closing at an alarming rate.

Dale Sellers of 95Network believes this trend is largely due to discouragement among small-church pastors. Many church leaders begin ministry with dreams of making an eternal impact. But years of striving, stress, and strain have left them feeling defeated, disillusioned, and stalled.
Thankfully, there is hope that ministry can turn around for the discouraged pastor. As a former minister who’s been in the trenches, Dale Sellers reveals that …

  • God is not keeping score,
  • it’s impossible to let God down, and
  • doing ministry from Jesus, not for Him, is a pastor’s key to a thriving church.

In Stalled, you will discover your sweet spot and realize you are closer to being "there" than you know.


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carey-nieuwhof"Discouraged.  It's how every leader has felt at one point or another when we want to be somewhere we're not.  Dale navigated his own experiences of disappointment in himself and uncovered key truths about leadership in ministry that can anchor and guide us today" - Carey Nieuwhof, bestselling author, podcaster, speaker

The Story Behind Stalled:

Take a look at this short video to hear the heart behind this book.

Ultimately, Stalled comes from a portion of Dale's years pastoring when he felt like a disappointment to Jesus because he hadn't built a big ministry yet. He felt like he could never do enough. And after meeting many pastors who felt the same, he knew he needed to share his journey.

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tony-morgan"You're going to love this book. Dale is not only a good friend; he's a partner in ministry. He loves Jesus, and he loves the churches he serves. And beyond that, I trust him. The wisdom he shares is essential for pastors in their leadership. More importantly, though, his stories and experiences will reshape your view of your life. Your purpose. Your calling." - Tony Morgan, founder and lead strategist of The Unstuck Group




What Other Leaders Are Saying...

“Ministry is challenging. If you’re grieving because of loss of a dream, discouraged because of comparison, dissatisfied because of your current situation, it’s easy to become isolated and depressed. Dale Sellers brings encouragement, insight, and hope to the pastor who’s stalled by delivering biblical wisdom, pastoral empathy, and clear-cut leadership to the real-life trenches of ministry."
David Chrzan, pastor, Saddleback Church

"This is a great leaders' handbook that you could refer to over and over again. With practical and spiritual principles to apply to your everyday life, Dale offers truths on how not to get caught in the the trappings of the enemy and how to propel yourself to the success the Lord has sovereignly planned for your life. A must-read for every church leader!
- Kimberly Boschman, executive director of Gateway Resource Library, Gateway Church

“[Dale] thought his church was stalled and that he had failed, but neither was true. He was trying to get another leader’s results and was not leading the way God made him. Every fulfilled and effective spiritual leader I know has to work through this leadership developmental challenge. I am grateful we have Dale’s roadmap to help us through to the faithfulness, freedom, and fruitfulness on the other side.”
- Haydn Shaw, author of Sticking Points and Generational IQ

"As leaders, we have a God-given ambition to make a difference. But for many, life and ministry haven't turned out like we dreamed. This powerful book could be a breakthrough moment for you. With a blend of personal and practical, Dale Sellers will help you walk in freedom and joy in the 'here,' rather than always chasing the illusive 'there.'"
Lance Witt, founder of Replenish Ministries and author of Replenish

"Reading this book is like sitting down with a friend who understands what you're feeling. Yet Dale doesn't leave you there; he powerfully helps you move from where you are to where you need to be with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. You need to read this book, and your church needs you to read it too."
- Mark and Jill Savage, church planters, speakers, authors of No More Perfect Marriages

"If you had an idea about where you thought you'd be in ministry by now, only to have fallen woefully short of that goal, Stalled is for you. No, it's not about breaking growth barriers. It's about helping you see the value of where God has placed you so you can become effective and content there."
Karl Vaters, pastor, author of The Grasshopper Myth, Small Church Essentials, and 100 Days to a Healthier Church

"Dale has definitively engaged the very struggle that many church leaders everywhere are facing. Stalled gives us hope that our struggles and wounds do not have to determine the value of who we are in Christ or the worth of the work God has given us. Whether your ministry is successful or you are flailing to get your church unstuck, this book should definitely be in the hands of every pastor."
- Brent Carter, director of business development at Faithlife Corp., makers of Logos Bible Software

"I have had the privilege of a front-row seat to seeing my friend navigate the challenging times with great integrity and then pursue his calling with great diligence. God has uniquely positioned Dale to breathe life into everyone who reads this book!"
Shane Duffey, lead pastor, NewSpring Church

"I have a higher level of respect and trust for leaders who have endured and led through tough times. Dale's one of them. Get ready. Dale doesn't hold back. You will be encouraged."
Kem Meyer, communications advocate and author of Less Chaos. Less Noise.

"I tell leaders all the time: 'Health comes before growth.' Dale has offered a pathway in this book to the health and transformation of the pastor... and then their church! Pastor, grab this book, not to transform your church, but to transform yourself."
- Shawn Lovejoy, founder and CEO, CourageToLead.com

"When you read this book, prepare to have your soul exposed. More importantly, prepare yourself for the grace of God to bring healing."
Danny Davis, EdD, author of Rural Church Turnaround


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Dale Sellers is the executive director of 95Network, a nonprofit ministry designed to help small to midsized churches through content, conferences, coaching, and consulting.

He travels extensively leading 95Network’s one-day conferences as well as serving as a facilitator for VisionDay.

Dale is a host of The 95 Podcast, a Clemson football fan(atic), a father to three, and "poppy" to one granddaughter.

Dale and his wife, Gina, live in South Carolina.