The Difficult Dynamics for a Pastor’s Wife (w/ Donna Lewis) – Episode 87

The Difficult Dynamics for a Pastor’s Wife (w/ Donna Lewis) – Episode 87


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Did you know that 83% of pastor’s wives wish their husbands would choose a different profession?

Donna Lewis and her husband, Bobby, have been in ministry for decades and are church planters of RiverPoint Church. Bobby is actually a coach and conference facilitator here at 95Network, and Donna has a huge passion to support pastors’ wives. In this episode, she openly shares about the loneliness of feeling unseen, what it’s like to feel like the church is the “other woman,” why avoiding the issue isn’t a solution, her encouragement to both male pastors and pastors’ wives, and more.

(In this episode, we are specifically talking to male pastors. If you’re a female pastor, we see you and do hope you still get value from this episode!)

Pastors, this is so important. Your marriage is more important than your ministry. We hope this episode is a reminder for you of exactly that.


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Key Takeaways

1) “For years, I felt like I was on the backburner… I felt like I was just an appendage.” Donna is open about the difficult experiences she’s had over the years where she felt like she was just there, just along for the ride. And as a result, she experienced the loneliness of feeling like she needed “to stay out of the way.”

2) “If your wife doesn’t reach out to you, reach out to her.” And listen. If she says she doesn’t feel seen, listen to her heart. That’s not an overreaction… that’s a real feeling directly from her heart.

3) “God ordained our marriage before He ever ordained our church or our church ministry.” Marriage above church, every time. This should always come before our ministry in the church.

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