Join Us on the Journey to Help Small Churches

Join Us on the Journey to Help Small Churches


I love the Church. And I believe it’s the only hope of the world.

This passion is what has kept me in ministry for 36 years. Even though pastoring is hard work and leadership can often feel isolating, it’s all worth it because the Church is worth it.

And this same passion is what motivates our team at 95Network.

The reality is that small churches are the backbone of the Church in America. 95% of churches in the U.S. are under 500 in average attendance. And around 87% of churches are under 200 in average attendance.

The problem? Most of these churches are under-resourced because the majority of ministry tools are designed for larger contexts and can simply be out of reach financially for smaller churches.

This is why we work hard to create resources that specifically apply to small churches. This is why we host events across the country that allow us to connect and invest into pastors on a personal level. And this is why we offer Healthy Steps Grants to offset the cost of great resources that already exist.

But here’s the reality: We can’t walk this journey alone.

In order to move towards our vision of bringing positive change to every small church in America, we completely rely on the partnership and support from Kingdom-minded individuals, organizations, and churches who are passionate about seeing the message of Christ change lives throughout America.


When You Help a Church, You Change a Community

If you would like to join us in supporting the 95% of churches across America that are small or mid-size, we would be honored if you would consider becoming a partner on this journey.

When it comes down to it, I believe we are on the forefront of one of the greatest moves of God we’ve ever seen. I believe God is preparing His Church. And I believe small churches are going to be crucial in what’s ahead.

We get it: Supporting a new organization isn’t a decision that can (or should) be made lightly. If you need to run this decision by your elders or just would like some more information about who we are and what we’ve done, just click below to download our brief conversation guide:


Will you prayerfully consider helping us resource churches by becoming one of the supporters who partners with us to encourage and equip small churches across America? 

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