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We have a big vision: To help 5000 churches in 15 years.

Here at 95Network, we’re passionate about connecting small and mid-size churches with BIG resources. We want to equip small churches who recognize that things need to change and are hungry to have the greatest impact for Jesus they possibly can, but are limited by their finances.

In order to accomplish that vision, we rely on the generosity of people and organizations who will partner with us financially to help build the Kingdom.

Here are two ways we recommend starting to give:

  • Give in a multiple of 95. Whether it's $9.50, $95, or $950, we highly value the support and can guarantee that this money goes directly towards our mission of helping churches across the country. 

  • Give a small percentage of your missions giving. Especially for churches, this is a great way to support local churches across America as we join together on one mission to reach people for Jesus. 

The support of our donors allows us to give generously to churches who can’t afford the services they need, to host meaningful conferences across the country for pastors of small and mid-size churches, and to produce great content for the leaders in our network.

Would you consider partnering with us?

Donate to 95Network

Partnership Levels



  • $1200/year
  • Gifts a grant for 1 year of leadership coaching.
  • **You gain FREE access to 95Network Membership.
  • **You attend our events for FREE.


  • $295/month
  • Gifts a full consulting grant to a church. 
  • **You gain FREE access to 95Network Membership.
  • **You attend our events for FREE.


  • $795/month
  • Provides consulting grants for 3 churches.
  • Provides 10 event scholarships.
  • **We'll host a FREE 1-day event in your area. 

Other Donation Options

Of course, if you prefer to donate by check, please send checks to the following address:

P.O. Box 6531
Peoria, IL 61601

Memo: 95Network Donation