Journey To Joy (w/ Sara Chapple) – Episode 119

Journey To Joy (w/ Sara Chapple) – Episode 119

I met Sara Chapple when I was serving with The Unstuck Group. She always impressed me with her strong faith and high belief in the local church. She has worked in ministry in some capacity for nearly 20 years. She just finished her first book entitled, “Journey to Joy.”

Sara is married to an incredible man named Paul, and is stepmom to three of the most amazing kids you could imagine. She loves sports (watching) and hot tea (drinking) and books (reading and writing!) She is also a reluctant vegan!

In today’s podcast episode with Sara, Caralee and I learn all about drinking tea, ministering to women, finding her purpose and writing her first book. We also learn the powerful impact that fathers have in the lives of their daughters. Sara’s transparency will definitely touch your heart as you hear her heart.


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Key Takeaways

1) Connecting with her earthly father helped Sara to experience the joy of the Heavenly Father. It’s necessary to confront the things in your life that hold you back if you are to ever experience true joy.

2) There is a movement today in society/culture to group us together based on our wounds and our offenses in order to find community. It’s speaking to our identity and that this is who you are. The goal is that people are known by their wounds. . . Your past, your wounds and your offenses define who you are in this community. However, Jesus needs to be the hero of your story, not you.

3) Sara believes “everyone on the planet” can benefit from Christian counseling. Our family of origin defines who we are, how we view things and why we do the things we do. Seeing authentic families modeling how to live out their faith had such a big impact on her life.

4) The impact of her dad not being in her life physically living in the same house after her parents divorce had a major influence on her life. However, the unconditional love of her dad eventually brought her through the bad times because he stayed true to who he was.

5) Daughters need their dads to show them they are a priority in their lives. Your daughters are going to believe the first guy who tells them they are beautiful, valued, worthy . . . that needs to be dad! Not being there should be the exception not the rule.

6) Jesus isn’t prescriptive. He normally didn’t do things the same way every time. There are different ways to adjust to the life you’ve been given. God will give us the grace to minister to our families in multiple ways if we will only look to Him.

7) What is Sara’s hope as she develops her ministry specifically to women? The main goal is for people to experience “the Living Word” that can be found as you commit to study the scriptures. The “joy of the Lord” is much more than happiness or good feelings. God has unspeakable joy available to us at every moment in life.


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