Understanding & Leveraging Technology for Ministry (w/ Paul Johnson) – Episode 85

Understanding & Leveraging Technology for Ministry (w/ Paul Johnson) – Episode 85


“God gives us dominion over bits and bytes, not just atoms.”

Churches have pivoted in incredible ways in the last year, adopting technology in new ways at a rate they never anticipated. But what should our perspective of all this adoption of technology really be?

Paul Johnson is Co-Founder & CEO of Pathwright, an all-in-one design, learning, and teaching platform. He is an incredible innovator and a thoughtful leader. In today’s episode, he shares his theology of technology, what’s encouraged him and discouraged him about the Church over the past year and a half, the incredible value available for us in leveraging technology, the negative ways technology can shape us, and so much more.

We can’t wait to hear what stands out to you most from this conversation!


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Key Takeaways

1) It’s valuable to let people learn on their own time. I’ve recently connected with teachers who have consistently seen better results by allowing kids to take tests at the time that works best for them. Not only does learning like this save a teacher or pastor’s time, but it also allows learners to learn in ways that work the best for them.

2) You should be proud of how you shifted over the past year and a half. This wasn’t an easy time to be in ministry. You innovated. You shifted. You led change. You listened to where God is leading you. And that’s something you really should be proud of.

3) “Technology is any tool that amplifies human potential.” Technology has looked different over various eras. Now is the best time to uncover what it could look like to be IN the conversation where people are spending their time.

4) “We don’t just shape technology. Technology shapes us.” There is a lot of aspects of technology that are shaping us in negative ways, but it’s not irredeemable. I loved Paul’s reminder that we have dominion not only over the physical world, but also over developments in the Earth like technology.

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