The Benefits Of Fostering Healthy Small Groups and Leaders In The Church (w/ Allen White) – Episode 123

The Benefits Of Fostering Healthy Small Groups and Leaders In The Church (w/ Allen White) – Episode 123

In today’s church, having small groups isn’t a new phenomenon. Over the past couple of decades, many of us have seen how small groups can provide an avenue for people to grow closer to God and to stay connected with each other. Having other people who know you, keep you accountable, and support you is such a blessing. 

In this episode, we’re thrilled to talk to Allen White about the role that small groups can play in our churches. Allen has spent over 30 years in ministry and has dedicated countless hours to uncovering what works (and what doesn’t) for small groups and leaders. He provides a wealth of knowledge about creating effective and successful group efforts. 

Are you interested in starting a small group at your church? Do you have small groups but want help building them or identifying leaders to help own the cause? Listen in and see what Allen has to say!


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Key Takeaways

1) Pastors sometimes think they’re the only ones who can do it. Whether it’s unhealthy codependency on the church or simply not knowing where to start, pastors can be reluctant to release responsibility to other people. If you’re going to avoid burnout, it’s imperative to delegate leadership tasks and allow other people to own the cause, too.

2) The key to a successful small group is having good leaders. When you’re searching for potential leaders, ask yourself:

  • Who has good character?
  • Who is teachable?
  • Who is warm-hearted and available?

Knowledge doesn’t matter as much—we’re not looking for perfect people!

3) In Acts, it took persecution to motivate the church to move past Jerusalem. While our circumstances are different than the disciples’, it’s still very apparent that the modern-day church needs change. Many people who are unwilling to or can’t come to church in person right now might be open to attending a smaller gathering (like a community group) or watching church online. 

4) Now’s the time to gather your courage and try something new! We’ve all lost congregation members during the pandemic. While this is challenging, it can also be a gift and an opportunity! The church members who are left now are with you—they’re invested. So, lead the church you have, not the church you lost. Raise up new leaders and be brave enough to try something new

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