When Church Leaders Try to Touch the Glory – Episode 92

When Church Leaders Try to Touch the Glory – Episode 92


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“God is not going to share His glory.”

In our conversation before Dale left for Sabbatical, we spent the last portion talking about when leaders start to put the pressure on their own shoulders rather than giving it to the Lord. After that episode, we had a couple pastors reach out to learn a little bit more about that, and they were willing to allow us to share the conversation with you as well!

In this conversation, you’ll hear a lot from Dale’s heart, and why we are where we are in the Church in America. We hope this is a challenging and insightful episode!


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Key Takeaways

1) “Satan can’t take away what Jesus did for us, so he’s taking away the revelation of it.” Such a powerful overview of what’s consistently happening today.

2) Is the pressure of “success” currently on your shoulders or God’s? It’s so important to be honest here…

3) We can do nothing of eternal value apart from our Savior. Jesus is not in Heaven wanting to avoid moving in our communities. He wants to move. But He wants to work through people who are willing to let Him work through them.

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