Our Partnerships Are Designed To Provide Exceptional Support

The following organizations provide inspiring care and invaluable resources to small and mid-size churches. We’re so thankful to have them as partners and hope you, too, will make a connection that helps your ministry!

Financial Coaching
We serve pastors by helping them THINK, ACT, & THRIVE as prosperous entrepreneurs. You don’t have to live in scarcity & meagerness.
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Greg Moore
VisionDay Coaching

We help you make the changes necessary to experience growth. We provide the resources your church needs to move forward with momentum.

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Mary Ann Sibley
Volunteer Coaching

Volunteers are not serving just to further your mission, they ARE the mission. Mary Ann’s passion is to ignite what matters most.

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Church Revitalize Center
Revitalization & Strategic/Operational Training

We want to help your church wake up and grow healthy so it can live again. We offer a variety of revitalization options and training.

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Full Strength Network
Pastoral Health

FSN exists to help ministry leaders discover full strength in wellbeing in areas like richer spiritual health, deeper relationships, & increased leadership capacity.

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New Creation Ministries
Sexual Addiction

Bringing hope and healing to the sexually broken and their families. Providing counseling and education related to unwanted sexual desires, pornography, and trauma.

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Personal Sabbatical Guide
Pastoral Health

Unlock the full potential of your sabbatical with Bill & Krisit Gaultiere. Training, plans, and coaching to experience Jesus’ rest, healing, and renewal while on sabbatical.

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Nothing Is Wasted
Pastoral Health

Get Connected. Get Inspired. Get A Plan. Get A Guide. Helping you find purpose in your pain. Join the community.

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Altar Live
Online Solutions

Altar Live is a streaming service designed to turn your one way online service into an interactive & social experience no matter the video platform.

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Servant Solutions
Retirement/Financial Planning

Cost effective retirement plans for churches/ministry organizations. We understand the unique financial needs of those who minister.

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My Church Law Firm
Legal Guidance

We focus on and prioritize the entire client experience while delivering high quality and affordable legal solutions.

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The Unstuck Group
Strategic Consulting

We help churches grow in impact through consulting & coaching designed to focus vision, strategy & action.

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Church Growth Services
Financial Consulting

Church Growth Services is a church capital campaign consultancy with 60 years of experience. Especially skilled at pre-campaign planning & vision casting, a proven process that ensures campaign success.

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No More Perfect Marriages
Ministry Marriage Health

No More Perfect Marriages helps good marriages become great & hurting marriages find the hope & help they need through practical resources, community and coaching.

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Ministry Pass
Sermon Prep

We provide helpful sermon & preaching resources so that you can write every message faithfully to the scriptures & faster than before. Find everything you need at one place.

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Content Creating

Create your own world of online learning. Pathwright is an all-in-one design, learning & teaching platform for reinventing your world of education.

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Pastoral Health

Strengthening the Church by Serving Pastors. Ministry throws unexpected challenges at you. What if a little more training could help you navigate them successfully?

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Think Differently Academy
Pastoral Mental Health

Discover the power of your mind to transform every area of your life! Online courses & community designed to help you create the life & relationships you have always dreamed of by changing your thought process. Free 30-day trial.

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Sties Creative Agency
Online Solutions

The husband-wife creative team helping churches strengthen their brand to glorify God & equip disciples. We’ve helped churches across the country with their brand identity and creative projects. We are your church creative agency.

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Savage Content Collective
Content Marketing

Creating content to build your brand and community. (So you don’t have to.) Let us partner with you to build your brand & community while you focus on what you love most.

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Just Church Jobs
Pastor Job Search

The most trusted, connected & affordable church job board & hiring community. Post your church job in minutes.

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One Church Software
Church Software

Management Made Easy. Technology solutions that help you care for your members, empower volunteers & serve your community.

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Men’s Ministry Catalyst

Helping the local church through 5 essential elements of ministry for men. To get to where you want to go, you first have to know where you are.

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Front Yard Mission
Outreach & Evangelism

Your mission begins at your front door. Help us catalyze a #loveyourneighbor (View on our YouTube Channel) movement! Your mission to reach your neighbors, should you choose to accept it, begins at your front door.

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Allen White Consulting
Small Groups Coaching

Our coaching helps you start more small groups without personally recruiting any new leaders. Discover how Allen White has helped churches like yours grow healthy groups. Go to our website to learn the 3 phases of coaching and consulting.

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Chemistry Staffing
Church Staffing/Job Search

We help churches find great staff members. Finding candidates for your church is easy. Finding AMAZING candidates for you church can be hard. Be sure to check out the Five-Essentials of a healthy long-term church staff fit.

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Biblical Counseling Ministries
Counseling Training

We help bring Soul-Care back to the local church. What if people came to the Church first, not last, with the problems they are facing in life? We exist to help churches develop an empowering culture of biblical counseling.

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We are dedicated to providing solutions that focus on integrity & consistency while building authentic relationships to exceed expectations.

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Team Building

Teamness helps leaders strengthen, encourage and focus their church and ministry teams through custom designed and facilitated retreats. Contact Evan McBroom to learn more.

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RightNow Media

RightNow Media is the customizable video Bible study library for every person in your church. Plus, 95Network members gets free personal access to their resource library.

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Website Design

We’d love to hear your church’s story, brainstorm & problem solve with you. It’s kind of our favorite thing. We love connecting with new churches.

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AdvanceTech Systems
Audio/Visual Consulting

We are committed to helping local churches & ministries communicate the Gospel to their congregations & their communities through the use of technology.

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Kem & Co.
Communications Consulting

Kem Meyer & company helps churches grow & reach audiences of all generations with simple, effective communications

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Save Your Church Money
Church Furnishings

We save your church money by: Keeping overhead costs low, Building & Maintaining a trusted relationship with you, Sharing our experience and Prioritizing a church-focused ministry.

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Branding – Creating Name Recognition In Your Sphere Of Influence

Children’s Ministry – Resources For Engaging Services, Series Planning And Volunteer Training

Church Furnishings

Counseling/Training – Develop An Empowering Counseling Culture

Consulting – Providing “Outside Eyes” For Clearer Focus

Contractor – Designing And Building New Or Existing Facilities Strategically

Discipleship – Provide Clarity In Your Discipleship Pathway With Simple Next Steps

Executive Pastor – Organizational Structure And Leadership Development

Financial/Capital Funds – Biblical Stewardship And Financial Discipleship

Guest Services/Hospitality – The Process For Converting Casual Attenders Into Engaged Servers

Hybrid/Online Church – Creative Ways To Provide A Vibrant In Person Experience And A Consistent Online Presence

Internet And Technological Strategy, Support & Guidance

Legal – Counsel For Solid Organizational Legal Structure And Policies  

Marketing/Communication – Effective Ways To Communicate Both Inside The Organization As Well As Outside It 

Ministry Systems – Understanding How To Develop Systems That Make Your Church Effective

Outreach – Understanding Who Makes Up The Community Around You

Pastoral Health – The Health Of The Leader Usually Determines The Health Of The Organization

Pastoral Search – Connecting Your Ministry To Potential Leaders

Pastoral Training – Entrepreneurial Insights

Pastoral Transition – Help For The Displaced Pastor

Relevant Resources – Access To The Best Resources Available

Revitalization – A Proven Process For Overhauling Your Ministry

Sabbatical Guide 

Sexual Addiction/Counseling/Freedom

Small Group Structure & Coaching

Software – Affordable Software Designed For Smaller Ministries

Sound/Light Installation – Affordable Alternatives For Updating And Upgrading Your Equipment

Team Building – Staff Unity

Volunteer Training / Assimilation 

VisionDay Follow Up – Coaching/Implementation

Website Design – Build A Website From The Ground Up Or Simply Update Your Current Site 

Worship/Arts – Mentorship In Worship Leading

Youth Ministry – A Process Designed To Connect With Today’s Teens With The Part-time/Volunteer Youth Leader In Mind

Interested in becoming a partner?

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