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Our Blog Equips You For Ministry

According to Ephesians 4:11 – 12, the main function of church leadership is to equip believers for the work of the ministry.

Equipping others, however, is difficult. Our blog posts address the practical ways that church leaders can build communities of support and encourage other believers to be the hands and feet of Christ in the Church and the larger community.

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When Church Leaders Try to Touch the Glory – Episode 92

Podcast, Stalled

In our conversation before Dale left for Sabbatical, we spent the last portion talking about when leaders start to put the pressure on their own shoulders rather than giving it to the Lord. After that episode, we had a couple pastors reach out to learn a little bit more about that, and they were willing to allow us to share the conversation with you as well!

Church Communications Crash Course (LIVE From the OCC Preaching-Teaching Convention) – Episode 89

With Dale still out on Sabbatical, we’ve got another unique episode for you this week! For this one, we’re sharing conference audio from our popular Growth Engines one-day event, shared as part of the Ozark Christian College Preaching-Teaching Convention in February 2020. Today we’re sharing Session 4, led by Austin, on Effective Church Communications.

The Difficult Dynamics for a Pastor’s Wife (w/ Donna Lewis) – Episode 87

Marriage, Podcast

Donna Lewis and her husband, Bobby, have been in ministry for decades and are church planters of RiverPoint Church. Bobby is actually a coach and conference facilitator here at 95Network, and Donna has a huge passion to support pastors’ wives. In this episode, she openly shares about the loneliness of feeling unseen, what it’s like to feel like the church is the “other woman,” why avoiding the issue isn’t a solution, her encouragement to both male pastors and pastors’ wives, and more.

Understanding & Leveraging Technology for Ministry (w/ Paul Johnson) – Episode 85

Paul Johnson is Co-Founder & CEO of Pathwright, an all-in-one design, learning, and teaching platform. He is an incredible innovator and a thoughtful leader. In today’s episode, he shares his theology of technology, what’s encouraged him and discouraged him about the Church over the past year and a half, the incredible value available for us in leveraging technology, the negative ways technology can shape us, and so much more.