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As a church leader, you may have begun ministry with dreams of making an eternal impact. But years of striving, stress, and strain have left you feeling defeated, disillusioned, and stalled. But there is hope, in this reading plan, Dale shares how God views you and your ministry regardless of size or any other typical measurement.


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According to Ephesians 4:11 – 12, the main function of church leadership is to equip believers for the work of the ministry.

Equipping others, however, is difficult. Our blog posts address the practical ways that church leaders can build communities of support and encourage other believers to be the hands and feet of Christ in the Church and the larger community.

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Discouraged.  It’s how every leader has felt at one point or another when we want to be somewhere we’re not.  Dale navigated his own experiences of disappointment in himself and uncovered key truths about leadership in ministry that can anchor and guide us today.

Carey Nieuwhof
Bestselling Author, Podcaster, Speaker

Churches in America are closing at an alarming rate.

Dale Sellers of 95Network believes this trend is largely due to discouragement among our pastors. Many church leaders begin ministry with dreams of making an eternal impact. But years of striving, stress, and strain have left them feeling defeated, disillusioned, and stalled.

Thankfully, there is hope that ministry can turn around for the discouraged pastor. As a former minister who’s been in the trenches, Dale Sellers reveals that:

  • God is not keeping score
  • It’s impossible to let God down
  • Doing ministry from Jesus, not for Him, is a pastor’s key to a thriving church.

In STALLED, you will discover your sweet spot and realize you are closer to being “there” than you know.

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Hosted by Caralee Culpepper and Dale Sellers, our executive director, and a former small church pastor, our 95Network podcast is a wealth of information specifically for small-church pastors—delivered in a candid, kind, and concise way. We cover pressing topics in modern ministry, annual trends, and more.


Save Your Church Money (w/ George Kreger) – Episode 166

George Kreger created out of his own need as a lead pastor. Today it has grown into a national service provider established to assist ministries who are in search of the best possible deals when it comes to purchasing church furniture.

PODCAST RECAST: PTSD And The Ministry (w/ Jon Sanders) – Episode 160

It’s not healthy to compare trauma from one person to another. Trauma is trauma. It doesn’t matter the “source” of your trauma whether it’s from vocational situations or even your upbringing. There’s no benefit in “downplaying” your trauma just because it doesn’t sound as serious as someone else’s.

Get Your Burning Before You Get Your Learning (w/ Stacey Foster) – Episode 157

Stacey joins Dale to talk about many things impacting the church as well as society currently. His work with church leaders through Compassion International is having a big impact in America as well as around the world.

How Leading Through The Pandemic Brought Personal Freedom (w/ Rusty Richards) – Episode 155

Rusty joins Dale on today’s podcast to discuss how he came face to face with some deep seated issues, hurts and trauma that could no longer be avoided. He transparently walks us through his path to healing as he has sought the much needed help he was looking for.