The Latest Offering From 95Network: Digital Discipleship Coaching!

Jesse Barnett has joined the 95Network team in order to assist pastors in the arena of creating effective online/social media content. His goal is to help you “get more mileage out of your message.” Click the link below to learn more about the 4 week Digital Discipleship Coaching.

95Network is a Community for You

We exist to connect small and midsize churches to health-building resources.

We believe that ministry was never meant to be a one-man show and we’re here to support you and your church as you navigate the administrative, logistical, and emotional challenges of leadership.

The 95Podcast is Specifically Designed for the Small Church Leader

Your life is busy, so we bring content straight to you! Check out our latest podcast.

Practical Solutions to Painful Problems

And A Community of Pastors Who Know What It’s Like

Many pastors feel trained for Biblical teaching, but few feel prepared for the frustrations and logistics of daily ministry. Has what started as a calling to shepherd God’s people turned into a complicated web of HR, legal, financial, and everyday-life concerns with seemingly no support? We can relate.

Community is vital when you feel overwhelmed; the practical solutions we employ are intended to connect church leaders all across the country. 95Network helps facilitate conversations and provides resources, but our members do the real work of supporting and of inspiring each other.



The main function of a church leader is to equip believers for the work of the ministry, but that’s often hard to do. Our content is designed to make that process easier.



Are you in need of specialized help in your ministry? Our mission is to connect small and midsize churches to health-building resources, such as our issue-specific partners!



All leaders eventually discover the need for “outside eyes.” We are often oblivious to the issues that hold us back—even if they are obvious to others. That’s where a consultant comes in!



As a pastor, it can be hard to admit that there’s a lot we don’t know and few people to turn to with questions…much less for encouragement! Our coaches have your back.



Conferences rarely provide content that is both inspiring, and easy to implement. Our conferences are designed to be both a practical resource and a source of inspiration.

Products Designed With You In Mind

Stalled by Dale Sellers

In this book, Dale Sellers, Executive Director of 95Network, shares his personal experiences of feeling like a failure because his church didn’t look like he thought it would. He takes you through his personal journey with transparent honesty with the hope that you will discover renewed hope and help for your ministry.


VisionBox is a simple, team-based resource that includes 5 Practical Video Modules. It allows you to take your team through these 5 lessons to promote growth and guide discussion using the Simple Leader Guide.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started by providing handouts to guide learning and keep your team engaged in each module. You also receive a Free Year of 95Network Membership.

What folks are saying about STALLED:

“With keen insight and an open-window to Dale’s own soul on his journey, Stalled delivers perspectives and tools that bring healing, freedom, and motivation to lead churches from a place of personal health into missional health. As one who coaches many pastors, Stalled has been an invaluable tool to help spiritual leaders unpack the shame that binds them and begin to set them free.” – Kirk Mackie, Texas

“This book couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. We planted our church in 2011 and just celebrated 10 years of ministry. I’m an avid reader and by far Stalled is my all time favorite. I wrote notes in the margins, tried to process points that resonated. I plan to reread it every year.” – Matt Manney, Pennsylvania

“Dale hits the nail on the head, addressing the internal struggle many pastors have and the way we tend to measure success. I’m sharing this with many of my friends who are church leaders. Just wish he’d written this book 10 years ago!” – Bart Blair, Canada

“I think this book should magically appear in the hands of any Pastor who is facing a crisis in their congregation. But seriously…buy this book. It also works proactively; as if you study the book BEFORE your congregation has a problem; you might be able to ‘head it off at the pass’.” – Ken Swenson, New York

“I don’t lead a church, but I have felt stalled personally and found this book super helpful. It must have taken courage to write it.” – Moboli, United Kingdom

“Dale Sellers speaks words of hope and encouragement to those of us who thought we’d “be there by now”. In sharing his story and the lessons God taught him Dale will both bless and challenge you. I can’t recommend this beautiful, broken story enough. God used it in my life and I’m sure He will use it in yours.” – Jason Allison, Ohio

“Dale has a way of being completely relatable in his book Stalled. Its message is timely for me. His encouragement, and hope, coming from someone who has “been there,” is extremely comforting. If you find that you seem stalled in your ministry, I encourage you to check this book out!” – Daniel Peavey, Georgia


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