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Hosted by Caralee Culpepper and Dale Sellers, our executive director, and a former small church pastor, our 95Network podcast is a wealth of information specifically for small-church pastors—delivered in a candid, kind, and concise way. We cover pressing topics in modern ministry, annual trends, and more.


Social Media As A Ministry And Not An Advertisement (w/ Karis Hortin) – Episode 136

Identify your audience, and then provide the content they’re looking for. If you want to sell a product, you have to understand your audience. The same is true for your church. Ask yourself who you’re speaking to, and identify what those people are looking for. Then, work to provide that content for them.

Using Technology To Engage With Church Visitors (w/ Jeanette Yates from Text In Church) – Episode 128

Jeanette Yates talks to us about how Text In Church software can help you reach out to and engage with your visitors. She gives us some valuable tips on how to connect with first-time guests and provides us with great strategies for finding what works for your ministry when it comes to guest follow-up.