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Hosted by Caralee Culpepper and Dale Sellers, our executive director, and a former small church pastor, our 95Network podcast is a wealth of information specifically for small-church pastors—delivered in a candid, kind, and concise way. We cover pressing topics in modern ministry, annual trends, and more.


PODCAST RECAST – Healthy Pastors Lead Healthy Churches And What That Looks Like For You (w/ Marty Sawyers) – Episode 144

Healthy pastors lead healthy churches, and healthy churches change the world. That’s why they’ve gathered a national network of providers who are passionate about helping pastors and their families stay on the road to mental, spiritual, and financial well-being.

PODCAST RECAST – Recovering From Trauma & Seeing God’s Faithfulness (w/ Polly Hamp) – Episode 143

Polly’s vision in life is to see people walk in the fullness of who God created them to be. For years Polly has been helping individuals find freedom and hope from hurting and stuck places. She was the founder and director of a ministry that helped people impacted by the sex industry find freedom and a new life. She also is a published author, speaker, Think Differently Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and an Organizational Consultant.

PTSD And The Ministry (w/ Jon Sanders) – Episode 142

It’s not healthy to compare trauma from one person to another. Trauma is trauma. It doesn’t matter the “source” of your trauma whether it’s from vocational situations or even your upbringing. There’s no benefit in “downplaying” your trauma just because it doesn’t sound as serious as someone else’s.

Leading Your Family: What It Looks Like For Men In Marriage (w/ John Michael Clark) – Episode 139

Marriage is designed to point to God and His Kingdom. Our marriages should reflect Christ’s relationship with the church. As men, we must take ownership of our marriages and work diligently to create a place of protection for our wives.

What Did God Say? How To Bravely Follow His Lead (w/ Gwen Rutz) – Episode 138

Always ask yourself, “What did God say?” You can do anything if you’re confident that it’s what God has told you to do. When we delight ourselves in the Lord and commit to His ways (Psalm 37:4-5), we can go forward boldly, knowing He will be with us.