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[FREE DOWNLOAD] How City Church in Albany, NY is Responding to the Coronavirus

31 March, 2020

"As you know, this is an ever-changing time for the Church. Many pastors are overwhelmed with how to reformat their church model while not losing engagement of their congregation. We have created this PDF as a guide to what we did at City Church in Albany, NY."

Recently, our friends at City Church in Albany, NY (Michael is one of the pastors in our network) reached out to us with a resource they had put together that listed the steps they had taken in response to COVID-19.

We thought this would be a great resource for pastors in considering how they're reformatting their own church model in response to this season of ministry.

We'd love for you to use the form below to download the resource so we can keep you updated with new resources for pastors in small and mid-size churches. However, we just want you to have it. So if you'd prefer not to share your email for any reason, you're welcome to access the resource by clicking here.

Download the Resource:

Austin Savage

Austin is the Managing Director here at 95Network. From Normal, IL, Austin gets that ministry can sometimes feel anything but “normal.” He grew up leading in the small church his dad pastored, and has since served on the launch teams for two church plants. He holds a Communications degree from Moody Bible Institute and is passionate about seeing churches grow healthier and make a difference in their communities. Austin and his wife, Larisa, reside near Peoria, IL.