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[Episode 1] Let's Talk About Small Churches: A Conversation on Church Growth

31 July, 2019

We finally launched a podcast! We've been asked for quite some time to start a podcast for leaders in small churches, and we decided it's time to jump in.

It's an understatement to say that we're excited. We have some incredible conversations coming up, and I am positive this will be a great resource for each of our listeners. Here are a few guests that we'll have the opportunity to host on the podcast in the coming weeks:

  • Aimee Cottle, Director of Marketing at Fishhook
  • Tony Morgan, Founder of The Unstuck Group
  • Karl Vaters, Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
  • Mark & Jill Savage, Founders of No More Perfect Marriages
  • Kem Meyer, Founder of Less Chaos. Less Noise.
  • Chris Hughes, Co-Founder of The Ministry Mechanics
  • Josh Jeffrey, CEO of Clear Design Group & Developer of the Like Jesus app
  • and more!

But what better place to start for the very first episode of The 95 Podcast than talking about our favorite topic: small churches. The topic of church growth has been used in many unhealthy ways over the years, causing a lot of pastors to experience insecurity about their ministry, and in some cases permitting some to become complacent. Join us for this encouraging conversation where we talk about church growth, church size, and leading a healthy ministry.

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Dale Sellers

Dale is the Executive Director here at 95Network. He has been in ministry for almost 40 years and is dedicated to helping small and mid-size churches get healthy. Dale has served in nearly every role of church leadership (except Worship Pastor), and has had a wide variety of coaching and consulting experience. He and his wife Gina have been married for 37 years and live in Greenville, SC.