Can Church Leaders Benefit From Using AI? (w/ Jim Powell) – Episode 204

Can Church Leaders Benefit From Using AI? (w/ Jim Powell) – Episode 204

Jim Powell is a man on a mission! He recently contacted Dale to share how he benefitted from using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in his ministry leadership. Jim’s passion for serving pastors and leaders, specifically in small churches, led him to create 95Network many years ago. He understands the stress and struggles of the many responsibilities placed upon church leaders.

Today’s podcast is an excellent conversation about how using AI can create much-needed margin in the life of a leader. While there are certain areas of caution to consider, Jim hopes we will not miss the opportunity to use it to lift our weekly workloads.


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Key Takeaways

1) Using AI can be a huge time saver and force multiplier when it comes to getting things done.

2) The Internet gives us access to information we can sort through independently. AI does that for us and generates content literally in seconds.

3) It can help you in sermon prep, writing monthly newsletters, accurate content creation, language translation, Bible studies, and outreach. It’s pretty limitless once you discover how to direct it to create what you want.

4) There are some dangers to be concerned about, such as ethics of authenticity, biases, accuracy, and becoming less dependent on God/the Holy Spirit to guide you. However, understanding these issues can give you a proper balance in using this tool to help you become much more efficient in your ministry and life.


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