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Far too many pastors lead in isolation. 

There is something special about a gathering of like-minded leaders that energizes the spirit and lifts the heart. In our experience, the majority of such gatherings flows out of the large and mega-church experience. And though there are good things to learn there, the leaders of small and mid-size churches are left on their own to translate information and adapt practices.

At 95Network, we design our conference experiences to serve the unique needs of the small and mid-size church leader -- to inspire, encourage, and equip them to reach their potential and increase their Kingdom impact. And don't forget: all 95Network members get FREE access to any of our events!



The National Stalled Conference [Virtual]

The National Stalled Conference [Virtual]

Join us for the first-ever Stalled National Conference on November 17, 2020 from 9a-2p CT for an immersive event as we spend less time talking about your church, and more about you. Especially in a year like this, the simple truth is that we can't effectively face the challenges of leadership from an empty soul.

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