Are We Discipling Like Jesus Did? (w/ Josh Jeffrey) – Episode 6

Are We Discipling Like Jesus Did? (w/ Josh Jeffrey) – Episode 6


If we’re honest, discipleship tends to be a buzzword. We say it a lot, but it’s hard for us to fully define. (And since we label so many things as “discipleship,” it makes it even more difficult to understand what our ministry efforts are actually trying to accomplish.)

Join us for this conversation with Josh Jeffrey, CEO of Clear Design Group and the Developer of Like Jesus, about making disciples like Jesus did. Josh has teamed up with Dr. Dann Spader to develop a new disciple-making resource for churches and he has a lot of wisdom to share about this topic.

This is a robust and refreshing conversation about returning to the roots of why we do what we do. We have to maintain a perspective of discipleship that not only encompasses the message of Jesus, but also the methods.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. There is a difference between discipleship and disciple-making. It’s crucial for us to grasp that Jesus’ example included both evangelism (expanding outward) and discipleship (going deeper). Most churches focus on the “personal growth” aspect of discipleship.
  2. Every church needs a discipleship path. As soon as Josh mentioned this, I got so excited. If people don’t know where they’re at on their spiritual journey, it’s so hard for them to understand what their next steps should be.
  3. Our process for discipleship has to begin before salvation. If we look at the model and methods of Jesus, we see that it’s important for us to have a place for people who aren’t yet believers. What questions are they asking? How can we maintain a focus on “the harvest”?

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