[Episode 2] How to Use Facebook Groups for Discipleship (w/ Aimee Cottle)

[Episode 2] How to Use Facebook Groups for Discipleship (w/ Aimee Cottle)


Social media is a big topic. Especially in a small church, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out how (and find the time) to best utilize this tool to support your church and share your message.

Join us for episode 2 of The 95 Podcast as we talk with Aimee Cottle, Director of Marketing at Fishhook, about some practical ways smaller churches can be using Facebook Groups to create community and improve discipleship within their ministry.

We love the whole team over at Fishhook and really enjoyed talking with Aimee. I honestly felt like everything Aimee shared was “liquid gold.” Don’t miss this fun, practical, and inspiring conversation!

Here are some key takeaways:

  1.  Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes Groups. Only a small percentage of your followers will see what you post from your Facebook Page. Creating a Facebook Group allows you to create a destination for community and is more likely to be seen by those in your group.
  2. Everything rises and falls on leadership, even on social media. In Aimee’s experience, groups almost always struggle to thrive without the support and involvement of the Senior Pastor. If this is going to be something you go after as a church, the vision and example has to come from the top. (Aimee shares some simple ways to do this.)
  3. It’s okay to have hesitations about how the times are a changin’. I honestly can’t do it justice in writing, but I loved Aimee’s perspective and encouragement to pastors who are hesitant about embracing digital tools for connection in their congregation. I highly recommend you listen through this conversation!


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Links & Resources Mentioned

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Check out the work Fishhook does to support churches.
The Healthy Steps Grant Initiative
VisionBox is Now Available Through David C Cook


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