Blueprint for a Healthy Church: 6-Month Coaching Plan

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Session 1: Personal Health Assessment

Focus: In what area(s) of your life are you experiencing God’s Best? What are your areas of concern?

Our very first coaching session will allow you to take an inventory of your life and evaluate areas in which changes or improvements could happen. We will discuss the findings of our personal health assessments as a group and work together to define action steps to commit to.


Session 2: Mission and Vision

Focus: What is your dream for your church over the next 3 years? Do you have a strategy?

In our second session, we will evaluate mission and vision statements and how they line up with your overall strategy for your church. Most importantly, we will set realistic objectives and build a strategy that helps you move in the direction of your dream.


Session 3: Leadership Development

Focus: What is your church’s process for leadership development? What roadblocks are standing in the way of developing leaders in your church?

Now that you have a growth path in place for your church, you must engage the right people to help you achieve your goal. We’ll evaluate your church’s leadership development process, help you fine-tune it, and coach you through leveraging your church’s leadership team.


Session 4: Discipleship Path

Focus: What does a maturing disciple of Jesus look like in your church? What is the pathway for someone to move from non-believer to maturing believer within your church?

Are your church’s programs built to engage church members and nurture their relationship with Christ? In session 4, we’ll do a deep dive into your church’s discipleship path and determine how you can develop effective programming to guide your members.


Session 5: Communications

Focus: What are your biggest challenges for communication within your church and with your external community?

Being able to effectively communicate with your congregation and community are crucial for an effective growth strategy. In session 5, we’ll evaluate the communication practices you have in place and identify areas for growth and improvement.


Session 6: Volunteer Culture

Focus: What is your process for recruiting, training, and assimilating volunteers? How well does your discipleship path connect people to serving opportunities within your church?

Are you making it easy and enjoyable for people to serve within your church? In session 6 you will review the different opportunities you offer and any systems in place for managing volunteers. We will fine-tune your volunteer onboarding and maintenance systems.


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