Enjoying the Journey of Ministry (w/ Jeff Keady) – Episode 13

Enjoying the Journey of Ministry (w/ Jeff Keady) – Episode 13


We are so excited to have Jeff Keady, co-host of the 200churches Podcast, on Episode 13 of The 95 Podcast! It’s always special to talk with another church leader who has such a deep passion to resource smaller churches.

It’s difficult to provide an overview of this episode because Jeff had so much wisdom to share on investing in the next generation, leading change in your church, avoiding insecurity as a pastor of a small church, and simply enjoying the journey that God leads you on in ministry.

This truly is a conversation you don’t want to miss (plus, you’ll get to hear the stories of how Jeff came to faith in Christ and the weirdest gift he’s received as a pastor). Take a listen:

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Austin’s Social Media Game: We want to get to know you better! This week, our question on our social media game is, “What is either the weirdest or best gift you’ve received as a pastor?” Jeff had a great answer to this one during the episode, so send us your answer on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn so we can get to know each other better!

Here are some key takeaways from today’s conversation:

  1. If having a large church is what’s important, you’ll never feel at peace with your ministry. It’s crucial to never become complacent as a church leader. But it’s so easy to get to a place in ministry where you always feel insecure because your church is never “big enough.”

  2. Are we, as a church family, missionaries to our community? At some point, a church has to look itself in the mirror and say, “If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, where will we be in 10-15 years?” Ultimately, determining the answer to that question falls on the shoulders of the pastor.
  3. We need to intentionally build relationships with the next generation. We were so encouraged by Jeff’s honest emotions that he shared about his relationship with Jonny, his ministry partner and co-host of the 200churches podcast. But here’s the deal: We have to take seriously our role as pastors to equip and invest in the next generation — the long-term health of the Church depends on it.

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