Our 200th Episode Announces The New Partnership w/ Compassion International (w/ Matt Wilson) – Episode 200

Our 200th Episode Announces The New Partnership w/ Compassion International (w/ Matt Wilson) – Episode 200

We’re celebrating today!!! It’s our 200th podcast episode, which is so surreal. And we couldn’t have planned a better guest. Matt Wilson, the Strategic Partnerships Manager | Church Engagement Director of Compassion International, joins me to discuss our new strategic partnership between Compassion International and 95Network.

You’ll love hearing how Jesus has ordered Matt’s steps throughout his life to prepare him for this impactful role he now serves. Thank you to everyone who has supported the 95Podcast, which has recently surpassed 50,000 downloads! We are excited to see how Jesus uses the following 200 podcasts to encourage pastors and leaders throughout His Church in the coming years!


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Key Takeaways

1) Matt knew he was called to ministry in his teen years. However, he also knew that he didn’t feel called to serve as the pastor of a local church. Walking through the open doors in front of him guided him to where he serves today.

2) It’s important to look for opportunities to “stretch ourselves” by visiting places that are much different from our regular daily routine.

3) There must be an intentional emphasis on reaching children and youth if you want to help lead people to Jesus. Over the past 70 years, most who commit to Jesus have been children and youth.

4) Compassion strongly desires to help the local church experience healthy growth. Therefore, they have united with 95Network to sponsor the Soul Care Essentials Conference throughout the United States. Each Soul Care Essentials Conference has a unique $20 COMPASSION discount code, which allows leaders to register for only $25.


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