Pink Theology (w/ Christine & Brent Carter) – Episode 159

Pink Theology (w/ Christine & Brent Carter) – Episode 159

Christine Carter was living a normal life when she was suddenly blindsided by the disappearance of her husband. Things got much worse as she soon discovered the double life that he was living. Alone with two children and pregnant with a third, Christine began a journey of discovering how faithful the Lord could be in her life.

Pink Theology was written to communicate how we can learn through serious study of Scripture a new level of trust. It’s one thing to say I believe in God’s Word. However, it’s another thing entirely to see your belief become reality. Our conversation with Christine and Brent is a refreshing testimony of His faithfulness.


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Key Takeaways

1) Don’t wait until you get blindsided by life to start taking a “deep dive” into the Bible. Christine discovered a depth of peace and security in God’s Word that can’t be found from any other source.

2) Idolatry happens when we elevate anything in our lives to a higher place than we give to the Lord.

3) There comes a time in our lives that we must shift from a secular view of friendship to a Biblical understanding of friendship. True friends love at all times even through the difficult seasons of our lives.

4) One of the purposes of writing “Pink Theology” is to help us realize a true friendship with the Lord is available if we will simple prioritize pursuing Him.


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