PODCAST RECAST: Doing Ministry From Jesus Instead of For Him (w/ Bob Hamp) – Episode 156

PODCAST RECAST: Doing Ministry From Jesus Instead of For Him (w/ Bob Hamp) – Episode 156

Happy Thanksgiving! We wanted to do something special for this week’s 95Podcast so we brought back the most popular podcast of all time. Today’s PODCAST RECAST features the conversation originally released in December 2020 with Bob Hamp. Whether you hearing it again or it’s your first time, Bob has a pertinent reminder for each of us on today’s PODCAST RECAST of Episode 59.

“Freedom is not the absence of something, it’s the presence of Someone.”

This man changed my life… Bob Hamp is the Founder of Think Differently Academy and is a Marriage & Family Therapist. I talk about him a lot in my book Stalled, particularly regarding the profound effect his teaching called “The Problem Jesus Came to Solve” had on my life and my journey towards health.

So you may be able to imagine how much of an honor it is to be sharing this conversation Austin and I got to have with Bob on the podcast today.

Not only will you hear him play something on his “office guitar” at the opening of the episode, but you’ll also get to listen to a conversation about why we need to change how we think about “freedom” and how you can take steps today to start doing ministry from Jesus instead of for Jesus (which was the game-changing shift for me). Listen in!

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Key Takeaways

1) Jesus didn’t come to make bad people behave better. He came to make dead people alive. As Bob shares throughout today’s episode, too many people live their lives in the bondage of the “knowledge of good and evil” instead of in the freedom of the life Jesus actually came to bring.

2) Pastors need freedom too. I’ll never forget telling my pastor years ago that I knew other people needed freedom, but I didn’t think I did. After I met Bob Hamp, I learned very quickly that my perspective was misguided.

3) Every church has the opportunity today to be directly in people’s living rooms. We can’t take that opportunity lightly.

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