Praying For Renewal In Our Church (w/ Bart Blair) – Episode 216

Praying For Renewal In Our Church (w/ Bart Blair) – Episode 216

Bart Blair has spent most of his adult life working with churches in one capacity or another. Whether serving as a worship leader or later as a ministry consultant, Bart has had the opportunity to see how churches of all sizes function. His experience makes him a trusted voice to help any ministry navigate today’s changing tides.

Today’s 95Podcast is filled with incredible wisdom derived from Bart’s observations of healthy churches, not-so-healthy churches, and churches on the brink of closing. Bart believes any ministry can experience renewal if they only commit to intentional prayer for renewal. We hope this conversation will inspire you to pray for renewal in your life and ministry.


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Key Takeaways

1) There’s never been a more meaningful season for the church to develop an intentional strategy and/or plan to connect with their community.

2) At the core of every church should be a desire to create disciples who create disciples who, in turn, make more disciples.

3) It’s possible for a ministry to wait too long before implementing change. 

4) Bart believes that any church can begin to turn around if they will only develop a prayer focus, a foundational core value of the ministry. It needs to start first with the leader.


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