The Value Of A VisionDay (w/ Mark Pritchard) – Episode 149

The Value Of A VisionDay (w/ Mark Pritchard) – Episode 149

Dale met with Mark Pritchard today, Lead Pastor of The Church at the Gates, to discuss his takeaway from the recent VisionDay he hosted. This was the second strategic planning retreat that Dale led at The Church at the Gates.

Mark shares his insights on how helpful it has been for his team and himself to bring in “outside eyes” to help shape the church’s strategic plan. This is a great interview if you’re considering hosting a VisionDay with your team in the coming days.



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Key Takeaways

1) The leadership team recognized that they were running on fumes after leading over the past few years. It was time to come together and reassess their focus and effectiveness.

2) It is a blessing for the lead pastor to participate in a setting where they aren’t leading it. Pastor Mark could listen and hear the heart of his leadership team as he was a participant instead of the facilitator.

3) VisionDay helped the team recognize a “pattern of mistrust” that had been established in how the church membership viewed leadership. This revelation allowed us to develop a plan to solve the problem by creating opportunities to restore trust.

4) We could see that we had developed some dangerous misconceptions about online ministry that would have hindered our ability to connect with new people had they gone unaddressed.

5) Our one Action Item to be focused on over the next 12 to 18 months will help us to be more evangelistic versus becoming ingrained in an “insider-focused” ministry.

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