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Take one day to ensure a stronger future for your ministry.

Clarify your vision. Create a plan.

Every church needs a vision for the future. They need to know where they're headed. And they need to have a plan for how they'll get there. 

But here's the problem: the urgent. 

Especially in small and mid-size churches, the everyday of ministry can easily distract from important tasks like vision-casting, planning, and yes, leading. Next thing you know, it's been months (or years!) since you last took some time to clarify where you're headed and how you'll get there.

This is why we developed VisionDay:


Why VisionDay?

VisionDay is not just an event. The heart behind it is to connect your church with someone who cares deeply about your ministry. Here are 5 reasons VisionDay is valuable: 

  • Gain perspective. During VisionDay, you'll have the opportunity to gain perspective on each aspect of your ministry. Where are you at now? How did you get there?

  • Develop a strategic plan. Why do you exist at this time in your town? VisionDay will guide you through the process of understanding who you are and where you're headed.

  • Participate in the process. VisionDay is unique because our team will facilitate a conversation among your team without "consulting" about everything you should do.
  • Build a connection. The goal of VisionDay is to form a life-long partnership between your church and your certified coach. This is about relationship.

  • Remain accountable. Once the plan is in place, a process of accountability will be put in place to follow-up and celebrate the small successes that come in the days ahead.

bradLewis[This process] really helped our church zero in on where we've been, where we are, and where we want to go. Dale, our consultant, had the unique insight many facilitators lack into the struggles churches face. Having faced many of these struggles himself, he helped bring focus to what needs to be done.” - Brad Lewis, The Edge Church

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How has this process helped other churches?

On Episode 22 of The 95 Podcast, we connected with Mark Pritchard from Church at the Gates in Missoula, MT. This is a church that has experienced incredible momentum after they walked through a planning process with our Director, Dale Sellers. They have an incredible story and some insight into what it's like to walk through a process like VisionDay:


What are signs a church would benefit from VisionDay?

  • They tend to be insider-focused in the majority of their ministries.

  • They are more content to talk about what God did in the past than to be excited about the potential of what God is doing in the church today.

  • The congregation has a strong opposition to change. They may often use the phrase, “We have always done it this way!”

  • The quality of your website and social media presence is either poor or non-existent.

  • The church doesn’t have a vibrant and intentional focus of reaching children through a well-designed children’s ministry.

  • The culture of the people who live within a few miles of the church has changed, but the church hasn't made a shift in ministry focus to connect with them.

  • Their leadership team has never been through any form of strategic planning. 

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got more questions?

Find answers to your questions about VisionDay here. For anything not listed, please contact our team. We're here to help!

What will we cover throughout VisionDay?

VisionDay is a full day that walks through the history of your church all the way through to steps your church will take moving forward. Here are some specific topics you'll cover:

  • History Highlights
  • Current Constraints
  • Target Demographics (Who are we trying to reach and what do they value?)
  • Understanding Our Mission (Why do we exist?)
  • Our 5-Year Vision (Where are we headed?)
  • Creating a Discipleship Path
  • Identifying Next Steps
How much does VisionDay cost?

Because we resource small churches here at 95Network, we've specifically developed VisionDay to be an affordable option for strategic planning. It's a fraction of the cost of other planning opportunities and is a great introduction before jumping into a more in-depth process.

To get the details, just reach out to our team!

What will we walk away with?

VisionDay is a simple process and the goal is to help you feel confident (not overwhelmed) about where you're headed and what you're trying to accomplish. So here's what you'll walk away with:

A renewed vision. Not only will you have clarity about where you're headed, it will feel fresh. The goal is that your whole team finds unity about the direction your church is headed and the mission you're on together.

One action item. Coming out of VisionDay, you'll identify 1 (maybe 2) actions item(s) to focus on over the next 12-18 months. These will be what you identify as the WIN (What's Important Now) and will help you gain the most traction in the short-term.

Who should be part of this experience?
Who is part of the process is just as important as what is covered. This day is an opportunity to discuss where you are today and where you're going to go in the future. So here are some thoughts on who should be there:
  • High-level, strategic-operational thinkers/leaders able to think cross-functionally, holistically, team-oriented, and mature enough to lay egos aside and speak what they see and think.

  • The highest collective IQ that can be attained. Simply put, you shouldn’t say, “If only ______ had been here” after the day.

  • Less is more in terms of the numbers. An ideal number is 8-10. If there are too many people, we run the risk of cutting into the process and outcome.

  • More important than the number of people is the chemistry. We want individuals who get along, know how to disagree fairly, and are team players.

  • Additionally, everyone who attends should attend the entire time. Constant in and out from attendees is disruptive to the process and flow, causing the loss of valuable time.
Is VisionDay designed for a specific size of church?

At 95Network, we exist to resource the 95% of churches that are under around 500 in average attendance. As such, VisionDay is designed specifically to benefit churches in this context.

There's often a misconception that smaller churches don't need to develop a plan. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Every church needs a vision for the future. They need to know where they're headed. And they need to have a plan for how they'll get there.

We've never been through a strategic planning process. Is that ok?

Even better! VisionDay is a perfect introduction into what strategic planning looks like for a church. It's a simple process and will help you feel more prepared in the future if you decide to pursue a more in-depth planning process.

Strategic planning is just a process for thinking through how you can intentionally plan for the future and make the largest impact possible on your local community. It's important!


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