Why Men Hate Going To Church (w/ David Murrow) – Episode 140

Why Men Hate Going To Church (w/ David Murrow) – Episode 140

Have you ever wondered why it seems like there are always more women than men in the church? Studies show that the average Protestant church is around 61% female and 39% male. Quite the difference, huh? 

During today’s conversation, Jon and Caralee talk to author and video producer David Murrow about what causes men to fall away from the church and what we can do to draw them in again. Our goal at 95Network is to see churches not only grow but flourish. And to reach that goal, we need everyone’s help—both men and women!


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Key Takeaways

1) Many aspects of the church are centered more around women than men. The church often takes a more relational approach to things, leaning towards female values rather than male ones. Sometimes, this makes it seem like being a Christian means being “less manly.”

2) There is a statistical relation between men’s withdrawal from church and its decline. When men are absent, the church tends to start dying. This doesn’t mean that women aren’t important and don’t have value in the church, but it takes a joint effort from both sexes. 

3) Once men are in church, it’s essential to disciple them. When your church starts growing, and more men become involved, point them toward a good curriculum. Get them together in a community and teach them the concepts of what a spiritual leader should be. Then, empower them to take what they’ve learned and apply it to their lives!


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