You Can’t Go Forward While Looking Backward (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 169

You Can’t Go Forward While Looking Backward (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 169

It’s always so enlightening anytime Dale can catch up with Karl Vaters. Today’s podcast is filled with so much wisdom as Karl shares his insights and wisdom. Karl gives valuable guidance to any leader who finds themselves in the midst of not knowing which way to go next.

Karl Vaters has a global impact in the small church space through his books, conferences, podcasts, and teaching materials.  His passion for the small church and the small church leader is contagious. So pull up a chair and prepare to learn as you check out today’s 95Podcast with Karl Vaters.


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Key Takeaways

1) Many leaders spend a great deal of energy trying to “get back to the way things were” before 2020. Karl believes this effort will prove in vain.

2) You matter to God and others. Sometimes it’s enough to consistently “just be there” when someone is looking to you for guidance.

3) The lack of attention toward your personal, relational and marital health can no longer be avoided.

4) The most pressing thing today is the integrity issue we must get right as leaders. Too many are “glossing over” matters of the heart that need to be exposed and healed.


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