John Finkelde on Pastoral Transition, Working From Rest, and What He’s Been Sharing With Leaders – Episode 77

John Finkelde on Pastoral Transition, Working From Rest, and What He’s Been Sharing With Leaders – Episode 77


We’ve got a guest from across the Pacific today, and we can’t wait to share this conversation with you! John Finkelde has 30 years of pastoral experience before founding Grow a Healthy Church in 2012. He has such a huge heart for church leaders.

In this episode, John shares incredible wisdom including how he navigated a healthy pastoral transition, what he’s been consistently sharing with leaders he’s coaching this last year, why you have to lead from a place of rest, and why your mission is deeper than church growth.

This conversation encouraged Austin and I so much, and it’s one you don’t want to miss!

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Key Takeaways

1) When we can’t let go of ministry, we undermine the progress of the ministry. love John’s perspective that he’s no longer a father figure in the church, but a grandfather figure. He is an incredible example of what it looks like to effectively handoff ministry. He says, “The next generation we saw come through the doors wouldn’t have come if I was still leading.”

2) Did God tell you to start? Did God tell you to quit? So many pastors have been feeling the pressure to resign or to let go of ministry. But when it comes down to it, pastoring is a calling. If God told you to start, but He hasn’t told you to quit, the decision is clear.

3) “You don’t rest from work; you work from rest.” Recently on the podcast, it has been a theme for our guests to encourage leaders to take a real break. And I couldn’t agree more. There are some of you listening who haven’t taken time off since the pandemic started. You can’t sustain that.

4) Delegation is one of the biggest problems in small and mid-size churches. We’ve been saying this a long time, and John’s explanation here is rock solid.

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