Practical Tips To Prepare For Easter (w/ Travis Stephens) – Bonus Episode

Practical Tips To Prepare For Easter (w/ Travis Stephens) – Bonus Episode

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching—and it’s the first one in two long years that might actually look “normal” for most of us. With that in mind, we decided to do a special bonus episode with one of our very own team members, Travis Stephens, to talk through some ideas on how to make the most of your Easter Sunday service. Travis recently wrote a blog series that outlines strategies for pastors, staff, and volunteers to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

As a busy pastor or ministry leader, we know you might not have tons of time or resources to devote to making this Easter “the best one ever.” But we want you to know (and Travis even mentions this in the podcast) that it’s not about your performance, the grandeur of the Easter Sunday production, or even the number of people who show up at your church that morning. You can let go of some of that pressure when you remember that if even one person hears one thing that moves them towards Christ, you’ve done your job. We’re praying for you!  


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Key Takeaways

1) Remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Easter and other holidays can feel stressful and full of pressure, but we should remember what our mission is—and that’s to reach the lost. This Easter might look like planting a tiny seed that you never see come to fruition, or it might look like a room full of new salvations. 

2) Form a prayer team. In the weeks leading up to Easter, find people you can depend on to pray and then believe that their prayers will make a difference. Praying creates momentum within a team and gets them excited to tell others about what’s happening.

3) Invite people. Decide on a marketing resource and make it easy for people to use it. You can print invite cards and mailers or design social media ads and graphics. And if marketing materials aren’t in your wheelhouse, there are plenty of free resources (linked above) just for churches.

4) Don’t veer too far off what “normal” looks like at your church. If people return the next week and their experience looks completely different, they might feel disappointed and misled. Put your best foot forward on Easter Sunday, but always strive for authenticity. 

5) Make sure the kids have fun. Where kids are happy, parents are more willing to go. There are plenty of ways for kids to have fun while learning about Jesus, and they’ll probably learn more if they’re having fun!

6) Follow up with new guests. Don’t be pushy, but make sure to ask for new guests’ contact information. You could even offer a free gift or handwrite a note thanking them for coming.


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