Using Technology To Engage With Church Visitors (w/ Jeanette Yates from Text In Church) – Episode 128

Using Technology To Engage With Church Visitors (w/ Jeanette Yates from Text In Church) – Episode 128

Let’s face it—in this day and age, the easiest way to connect with someone is through a text message. Most people (young and old) know how to communicate through this medium, so why shouldn’t the church hop on the bandwagon, too?

That’s precisely why Text In Church exists. Today, Jeanette Yates talks to us about how their affordable text and email software can help you reach out to and engage with your visitors. She gives us some valuable tips on how to connect with first-time guests and provides us with great strategies for finding what works for your ministry when it comes to guest follow-up.

Text In Church makes it easy to gather information, reach out to guests, and engage in real conversations—all through text! We’re excited to share this with you today and hopeful that you’ll learn some new ways to reach out to your guests.


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Key Takeaways

1) Texting is one of the most popular ways to communicate in the modern age. As we mentioned above, it seems like almost everyone can text. Most of us actually prefer to communicate that way rather than with a phone call. It’s time to capitalize on that!

2) We can use technology to lift our load. We know how busy pastors and their staff members are, which is why Text In Church is designed to help lighten the workload. It’s templated (but can be personalized as much as you’d like) and automatic so you don’t have to remember to text every person on your list. This way, you can keep the communication doors open easily and efficiently.

3) The point of using technology in church is to connect with your members and guests. While using Text In Church does mean you’ll be more hands-off, you’ll also have the chance to be engaged when you need to be. If a guest sends a text back, you can send a personal response to answer their questions. 

4) A texting system also helps to engage your online guests and start the conversation about what your church is doing. It can seem daunting to identify and follow up with your online guests, especially when you’ve never met them face to face. Text In Church allows you to reach out to these people and expose them to what your church is doing.

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