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As a church leader, you may have begun ministry with dreams of making an eternal impact. But years of striving, stress, and strain have left you feeling defeated, disillusioned, and stalled. But there is hope, in this reading plan, Dale shares how God views you and your ministry regardless of size or any other typical measurement.

Amazon Review Phillip Stewart

Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2020

Amazon Review Stacey

Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2020

This book isn’t just for pastors who, “thought they’d be there by now”. Stalled is for anyone struggling with a false narrative imparted on their life – whether self or culturally imposed. Author Dale Sellers openly and honestly shares his personal 40 year journey in a way that encourages readers to let down their guard and take off their mask. Your ministry, your marriage, your family, literally any relationship or structure in your life will benefit from the wisdom shared.
Not another “how to” read with practical tips woven throughout, but a book written from the heart of a pastor, to the heart of a pastor. Stalled encourages readers to enter into the spaces of self-examination and identify the things we’ve unintentionally accepted that have the potential to sabotage the fruitfulness and effectiveness of our personal life and ministry.
Lastly, Dale takes us down the path of remembering, reclaiming and embracing who God created us to be and the life-giving passion that flows from it. If you read this book with an open and seeking heart and mind. If you’re honest with yourself as you reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter. I guarantee… this book has the power to transform your life and your ministry to a greater place of balance and health!

Amazon Review Bethany Assembly

Bethany Assembly

Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2022

So I just completed STALLED… what an inspiring and equipping read!
Chapter 9, The Sweet Spot delivered a timely word around the ‘Unknown Sweet Spot’ principle. And thank you for putting some helpful language to some recent thoughts on the ‘exchange zone’.

The Hand-off (chapter 20) was a poignant way to close the book. The 4 ‘D’s’ are resonating…

Highly recommend to any pastor who is disillusioned or defeated. OR any pastor who simply wants to clarify the win!

Well done!

Amazon Review Digital Storyteller

Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2020

Stalled confirms so much of what we experience working with pastors as part of our church creative agency. Pastors are discouraged, depressed, exhausted trying to do things in their own strength to get to where they think the church needs to be. It’s powerful how Dale shares his own ministry failures and disappointments, the thoughts all pastors can relate to. Then the following chapters give you the opportunity to make a REAL change in your ministry, the change you might have desperately needed for years, even decades.
There is a re-definition of ministry success in this book that is unpopular but long overdue. It’s not the elevation of status, power and wealth that have rocked so many churches in the past few years. It’s based on grounded, Biblical truth.
I’m confident whoever reads Stalled will be refreshed, especially right now during COVID. Even “successful” pastors and churches who had everything “just right” are now re-evaluating what their ministry was built on. Don’t miss this opportunity to read and apply the great principles from Stalled as the Lord leads you to rebuild your local church on His solid foundation for true success.

Amazon Review Darren DePaul

Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020

Dale has experienced both the highs and lows of ministry. He’s experienced the joys of serving people, but also has the scars from a life spent in the church. This book was not written from an ivory tower but in the battle ground of ministry. As you read through this book you will find encouragement, authenticity, truthfulness, and the words of an experienced pastor who lived through the peaks and valleys of ministry and still loves people and the church!

I know Dale personally and I can tell you this – he loves Jesus, his family, and the local church. He has personally helped me in ministry. He spoke words of hard truth into my life when I was “stalled,” but also words of incredible refreshment. Less than a year ago spoke words of encouragement that blessed me and my wife immensely. This book will challenge you and encourage you!

I am so glad that Dale wrote this book to serve countless other pastors that need to hear and believe once again there is hope and it’s found in faithfully following and serving Jesus! If you’re a layperson buy this book for your pastor. If you’re a pastor buy this book for yourself and purchase a few more for your pastoral colleagues.


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Discouraged.  It’s how every leader has felt at one point or another when we want to be somewhere we’re not.  Dale navigated his own experiences of disappointment in himself and uncovered key truths about leadership in ministry that can anchor and guide us today.

Carey Nieuwhof
Bestselling Author, Podcaster, Speaker

Churches in America are closing at an alarming rate.

Dale Sellers of 95Network believes this trend is largely due to discouragement among our pastors. Many church leaders begin ministry with dreams of making an eternal impact. But years of striving, stress, and strain have left them feeling defeated, disillusioned, and stalled.

Thankfully, there is hope that ministry can turn around for the discouraged pastor. As a former minister who’s been in the trenches, Dale Sellers reveals that:

  • God is not keeping score
  • It’s impossible to let God down
  • Doing ministry from Jesus, not for Him, is a pastor’s key to a thriving church.

In STALLED, you will discover your sweet spot and realize you are closer to being “there” than you know.

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