Should We Care About Virtual Reality? And What is Meta? (w/ Jason Hamrock) – Episode 112

Should We Care About Virtual Reality? And What is Meta? (w/ Jason Hamrock) – Episode 112

Jason Hamrock is back on the show this week! And we’re talking through a topic I have seen around social media, but haven’t understood: Virtual reality.

After serving 11 years as a church Communications Director, Jason Hamrock is now the CEO of Missional Marketing, a marketing agency that specializes in supporting churches.

In this episode, Jason is talking through the potential changes on the horizon, what Meta is and why Mark Zuckerberg is moving their company in that direction, why he and his church are testing out virtual reality services, the encouragement that all of us need to hear about shifts in culture, and more!

This was a great conversation and we plan to lean on Jason a lot in the coming days. Don’t miss this one!


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Key Takeaways

1) “Your church will die if you do not adapt to what’s going on around you.” This does not mean you need to completely change your ministry tomorrow. But we need to try to understand what’s going on around us so that our churches can leverage those new technologies for good. People are slowly changing how they connect with people and organizations, and we can’t ignore that.

2) We’re all on the same team. Our mission is to connect people to Jesus and we can’t lose sight of that. Whatever it takes, we need to work together to accomplish that mission.

3) If you are always turning your back on changes in culture, you are turning your back on people. Wow, what a powerful truth from this statement. Even with something like social media, if we are ignoring the place where people are spending their time, we are in turn communicating that we don’t value them. We want to “go to where people are.”

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