Getting Mileage Out of Your Message (w/ Jesse Barnett) – Episode 106

Getting Mileage Out of Your Message (w/ Jesse Barnett) – Episode 106

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We have to stop limiting the opportunities we have to connect with people because we don’t know how to do it. This is something I firmly believe, especially for those of us in ministry.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Jesse Barnett, our newest member of the team and an Atlanta-based craftsman at heart who brings stories to life through writing, speaking, coaching, and teaching. Above all, his heart is to use his spiritual gifts and talents to serve those who have a message to share, and to help them multiply the reach, effectiveness, and power of that message. As Communications Coach with 95Network, he helps pastors get more mileage from their message by learning how to utilize the digital space to expand their church community.

In this conversation, Jesse shares how to “take something you’ve already created and put a little Miracle-Gro on it,” why learning how to update how we communicate leads to deeper relationships, the opportunities available for every pastor to repurpose the message they’ve already worked on, and, most importantly, how this all relates to the Gospel. Listen in!


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Key Takeaways

1) Are you proactively finding the people who need to hear your message, and adjusting how it’s packaged for where they’re consuming it? This isn’t about just sharing the same format we’ve always done onto Facebook and calling it good. This is about breaking down the message we have into smaller pieces that make sense on a specific platform. Not only does this “perform” better on the platform, but this makes it easier for people to listen to what you have to say.

2) Making a difference isn’t just about delivering information; it’s about connecting to people. When we listen to our community, we understand their needs and make a deep connection. People are looking for authenticity and by meeting them on a relational level, we are putting in the time it takes to actually build trust in today’s world.

3) “You have to get out of your own way and ask, ‘Why am I doing this?'” This is true across the board. But specifically in the last couple years, as a lot more churches have started leveraging digital ministry, it’s a good time to revisit our strategy and ask, “Why?”

4) “I didn’t set out to teach that particular lesson, but they found me to tell me, ‘This is the lesson I learned.'” This was a powerful takeaway from one of Jesse’s stories, and is something we have to get more and more comfortable with as communicators online and in-person. This isn’t about information transfer; this is about connection. People are processing your message through the very real experiences going on in their life at the moment they hear it.

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