Plan Before You Plant (w/ Jon Sanders & Jason Allison) – Episode 102

Plan Before You Plant (w/ Jon Sanders & Jason Allison) – Episode 102


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Today’s conversation is all about church planting, and let me tell you, it’s a good one. My friend Jason and I were recently sitting down to talk about some concerning church planting trends, and I felt like we needed to chat about this on the podcast.

For this episode, we’re welcoming Jon Sanders, Founder of Small Town Big Church & 95Network Coaching Director, and Jason Allison, Pastor at Press Church & 95Network VisionDay Facilitator / Coach. These guys are incredible leaders who not only have hands-on experience with church planting and leadership, but a huge heart to support those God has called into ministry.

This conversation is practical and full of wisdom. We talk about some unhealthy motives behind church planting, a few things to consider if you feel God is calling you in this direction, the importance of training beyond seminary for leadership, insight they have learned in their years of leadership, and a whole lot more. Listen in!


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Key Takeaways

1) “The best place to train church planters is in churches.” Jon talks a lot about this in today’s episode. So often Jason and Jon have seen church plants turn unhealthy simply from a lack of experience or hands-on leadership in a local church.

2) Mission and vision truly is the foundation. Jason says, “I knew how to make a mission, but I didn’t know it needed to be something that was burning inside me. Something I had to do.” What’s your why? What is the need in your community God is calling you to step in and be part of solving?

3) A church planted out of a split will always have splitting in its DNA. I really appreciated that our conversation went here. I have seen this over and over, and Jon has as well. When you plant to “get away” from something, you are launching from an unhealthy foundation.

4) To be a church planter, there needs to be a divine call (and a team to support you). It’s no secret that church planting is difficult work. In those difficult seasons, it’s so important to have confidence in the foundation of God’s specific call on your life and a community around you united in this mission.

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