How Churches Can Become More Entrepreneurial (w/ Stephanie Leathe) – Episode 83

How Churches Can Become More Entrepreneurial (w/ Stephanie Leathe) – Episode 83


“Entrepreneurship has a really important role in shaping culture.”

After growing up in the Middle East, Stephanie Leathe came to the U.S. for college before falling in love with entrepreneurship and equipping ministries. She is an incredible leader and it is truly an honor to have her on the show this week.

Stephanie is the CEO of Altar Live, a new partner of ours here at 95Network focused on helping churches navigate a hybrid model of ministry. I love their ministry, their willingness to learn, and their passion for smaller churches. In this episode, we talk about Stephanie’s story, the culture shock she experienced in American churches, how churches can become more entrepreneurial, the real opportunity each of us have online, and so much more! Listen in!


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Key Takeaways

1) We need to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. When we do this well, the solution can become so much more effective as we allow our methods to become unique instead of assumed.

2) The Church is bigger than our experience of it. I love this quote from Stephanie: “The global church is a much bigger place. The American church certainly does not have the corner on the gospel.” Such a good reminder.

3) The opportunity online is to become more personal, not less. This shift in thinking is one of my favorite parts of this conversation. When we do it right, each of our ministries have the opportunity to create a personal, meaningful, communal experience online. That’s not exclusive to what we do in-person.

4) Be kind to yourself. You’re human. You’re navigating a lot of hard circumstances right now. Don’t keep adding too much pressure on your shoulders.

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