When Your Most Embarrassing Ministry Moment Leads to Open Doors (w/ Blake Bergstrom) | Episode 9

When Your Most Embarrassing Ministry Moment Leads to Open Doors (w/ Blake Bergstrom) | Episode 9

For several years, there has been a trend in the world of makers and creators of repurposing furniture or materials. Blake Bergstrom is in the business of repurposing people. Blake didn’t grow up in a family of ministers or have any plans of heading towards ministry, but through the influence of others around him, God led him into a life of ministry that has involved several churches and several start-up businesses.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Blake went from a student minister who got his words messed up (his embarrassing moment that went viral) to leading and pastoring in a variety of contexts. You’ll also hear why being asked to lead large churches, something some would consider the mark of success, eventually began to sound more like a chore than a ministry for Blake. Buckle up for an interview with a firecracker of a person! It’s a good one!

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My Takeaways:

1) Sometimes God uses even major slip-ups to open doors for ministry. So often we’re afraid to let our flaws or slip-ups show, but when we are authentic and do our best to just roll with our mistakes, God at times uses those to connect us with people and ministries that we might not have considered before.

2) We have to constantly keep our eyes open and hearts ready for the ministry opportunity that God brings our way.
Ministry doesn’t exclusively happen on Sunday mornings or just inside the walls of a church building. God is present and moving all around us and if we’ll pay attention, He’ll show us some real needs and real opportunities to serve, love, and lead broken people.

3) Leading a mega-church shouldn’t be everyone’s goal.
Many times pastors have this idea that moving to a larger church equals success, but we need to recognize that God calls different people to different places at different times. If you are seeking God’s plan, He will guide you to a ministry where you can flourish and serve just as He’s shaped you in your current season of life and ministry.


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