The Unseen Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on Pastors (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 82

The Unseen Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on Pastors (w/ Karl Vaters) – Episode 82

We’re setting a record on The 95 Podcast today… We’re welcoming back a guest for the THIRD TIME! Karl Vaters is joining us back on the show for an incredible conversation that I truly can’t wait to share with you.

When I was out in WA for a recent conference with Karl, he shared something that completely changed my perspective on the last year. And I wanted him to join us on the show to share that insight with you as well.

Today we talk about the unseen emotional impact of the pandemic on pastors, how we should be welcoming people back to our church, Karl’s darkest season as a pastor, the biggest things we need to be aware of as leaders, and a challenge for us all to be honest with ourselves about.

This is one I’ll be listening back to many times over again, and I encourage you to check it out!


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Key Takeaways

1) We have experienced collective trauma over the past year. Seriously, consider what Karl is saying. Most importantly, when people (us) are in trauma, they lose their ability to think logically, instead living on emotion and action. If there’s anything to describe the past 15 months, that would be it.

2) Your people need to know that you want them back for them, not for what they can do for the ministry. As Karl says, “We need to let our volunteers know that they are not only welcome, but encouraged, to come back even if they have nothing to offer.” Let’s make it safe for people to come and be refreshed. And a quick tip that Karl shares to make that happen? Shorten your preaching. Lengthen your worship.

3) When we take everything on to ourselves, it’s that much harder to let it all go again. This has been a concern for me since the start of the pandemic, and I know it will translate into overwhelmed pastors, some of whom will end up resigning from the pastorate. You can’t keep living at the pace you’ve been running at. We either need to cut back on what we offer or give responsibility away.

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