PODCAST RECAST: PTSD And The Ministry (w/ Jon Sanders) – Episode 160

PODCAST RECAST: PTSD And The Ministry (w/ Jon Sanders) – Episode 160

Today’s PODCAST RECAST initially aired on August 16, 2022. Episode 142 featured an insightful conversation with 95Network’s Director of Coaching, Jon Sanders, discussing the impact of PTSD.

Dale talks with Jon Sanders about things he learned at a special training in Mississippi called Tactical-Resilience Protocol (TRP) and Emotions-Management Process (EMP) from 22Zero.org. Although the focus was specifically on the effects of PTSD on first responders and the military, Jon helps us see how most pastors deal with the same emotional issues.

We dive into how trauma affects the nervous system requiring intentional focus to “put the trauma in its place.” Everyone has a basic fight, flight, freeze, or fake response to ongoing traumatic situations. The honest transparency shared by Jon and Dale makes this podcast one you’ll want to share with anyone working through emotional discouragement. 


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Key Takeaways

1) God has uniquely wired our brains to help us receive healing from traumatic experiences. There are a lot of new studies that continue to confirm that there has to be an intentional effort or process engaged for us to experience health after a traumatic event.

2) Comparing trauma from one person to another is not healthy. Trauma is trauma. The “source” of your trauma doesn’t matter, whether from vocational situations or your upbringing. There’s no benefit in “downplaying” your trauma just because it doesn’t sound as serious as someone else’s.

3) God has promised rest for his people. However, many pastors and leaders often confess that rest eludes them. They often admit that they find it difficult to “shut everything down” when attempting to rest.

4) The value of going back and looking at our childhood isn’t to place blame on our parents for how they raised us. They, too, are products of their family history and upbringing. Looking back is to discover moments where many of the traumatic experiences we deal with today started.

5) Do you know your ACES score? ACES stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences Score. Jon takes us through the ten questions to determine where you stand regarding this important survey.


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